Thanks for celebrating with us

Thank you to all those who helped us celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary with cards, phone calls or gifts.


Thanks for 50th anniversary open house

Thank you for a special 50th anniversary.


Small grocery stores ubiquitous in 1930s

To The Herald-Whig: When I was a boy, living in the southeast portion of Quincy during the late 1930s and early '40s, you didn't want to go very far to find a grocery store.


Democrats' campaign strategy: Offer free stuff

And so, the race to be the next Democratic presidential candidate has begun. The field now has 20+ candidates and more will probably emerge long before the election is held in late 2020. Let's look at some of the field and potential running mates.


Former co-workers support 911 Director Steve Rowlands

This letter is in support of a thoroughly professional, dedicated and selfless public servant who has devoted 21 years to nurturing and developing an essential facet of public safety in the Quincy/Adams County 911 system.


Purgatory better metaphor for old age than hell

To the Herald-Whig: Last December I reached the age of 93, and it was a day of mixed emotion for me.


Adams County a safe place to live, work

Everyone deserves to have a safe place to live and I feel safe after living in Quincy for seven years now. I thank God for our U.S. military that has and does keep us free, and our local police, firefighters and other first responders.


Higher cigarette taxes will drive sales out of Illinois

The last time Illinois increased taxes on cigarettes, retailers near the border saw a 35% decrease in sales overnight. Yet, lawmakers are considering another increase that would have dire consequences for retailers and communities.


City Council should enforce its own rules on zoning

Why is the City Council wasting time and effort on a request for special zoning at 2032-34 Broadway when the same request was previously denied? The city spent taxpayer money for a study of the Broadway corridor and zoned this area residential.


State shouldn't 'dumb down' teacher basic skills tests

To The Herald-Whig: The front page article in the May 6, Herald-Whig speaks of two bills pending in the Illinois General Assembly. They would either pause or permanently eliminate the basic skills test for new teachers.

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