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DAILY BLOTTER: Sept. 28, 2020

Posted: Sep. 28, 2020 11:02 am Updated: Sep. 28, 2020 11:04 am

Quincy Police

Compiled from daily logs emailed by the Quincy Police Department at 5:33 p.m. Sept. 21, 5:09 a.m. Sept. 22, 5:10 p.m. Sept. 22, 5:04 a.m. Sept. 23, 4:47 p.m. Sept. 23, 5:16 a.m. Sept. 24, 4:53 p.m. Sept. 24, 5:14 a.m. Sept. 25, 4:33 p.m. Sept. 25, 5:27 p.m. Sept. 26, 5:09 a.m. Sept. 27, 5:16 p.m. Sept. 27 and 5:01 a.m. Sept. 28.

20-20620 Recovered Bike A 20-inch BMX bike that was spray painted white was recovered at Fifth and State on 9/3/20. Logged into recovered property.

A silver and orange Huffy bicycle was located at 1020 N. 20th on 9/8/20 and was logged into recovered property.

20-21802 Traffic Arrest Rodney Harvey, 31, 1328 N. Third, for improper left turn and operating uninsured vehicle at 22nd and Jefferson. NTA.

Cody Logsdon, 23, 823 S. 18th, for improper use of registration and operating uninsured vehicle at 22nd and Jefferson. NTA.

20-22046 Traffic Arrest Autumn Boitschev, 28, 640 Chestnut, for improper turn at 12th and Koch’s Lane. PTC.

20-22126 Warrant Arrest Denise Bower, 26, 1211 Sierra, Hannibal, Mo., on a city warrant for FTA-shoplifting. NTA.

20-22175 Arrest Tyler B. Moss, 41, Quincy, arrested for fighting at 1700 N. 12th. NTA.

20-22116 Arrest Rachelle A. Martin, 31, Quincy, arrested for FTA-uninsured vehicle at 706 N. Fourth. NTA.

20-22185 Arrest/Lodged Jacqueline E. Mallory, 41, Quincy, arrested for FTA-domestic battery at 320 N. Ninth. Lodged.

20-22178 Arrest/Lodged James D. Rossmiller, 38, Quincy, arrested for FTA-methamphetamine and driving while license suspended at 2433 Cedar. Lodged.

20-19893 Criminal Damage Kevin Ostermiller, Quincy, reports the vending machine at the Amtrak station, 2914 Wismann Lane, was damaged on 8/26/20.

20-17978 Hit-and-Run Kayla E. Boucher, 31, Quincy, reports her 2010 Chevrolet was struck while parked at 932 Payson Ave. on 8/1/20.

20-18783 Theft Marty L. Stanberry, 58, Quincy, reports the theft of two crossbows from 606 S. 13th on 8/11/20.

19-28018 Arrest Katherine D. Peters, 39, 2002 S. Hilltop Drive, shoplifting at 5211 Broadway from an incident on 10/4/19. NTA.

20-22116 Arrest Rachelle A. Martin, 31, 922 Cherry, FTA-operating uninsured at 706 N. Fourth. NTA.

20-21731 Arrest Brandy L. Lear, 41, LaGrange, Mo., shoplifting at 5211 Broadway. NTA.

20-20924 Arrest/Lodged Jonathan R. Shepard, 37, 1623 Cedar, TOF-domestic battery located at 521 Vermont. Lodged.

20-21799 Arrest/Traffic Dustin R. Lane, 25, Fowler, failure to reduce speed at North 22nd and Chestnut. PTC.

20-22115 Arrest/Traffic Serah J. Welborn, 25, Peoria, failure to yield at North 48th St and Broadway. PTC.

20-18997 Theft under $500 Kenneth W. Mondon, 67, Fowler, reports a cordless impact driver was taken from 930 N. Fourth on 8/14/20.

20-18408 Theft under $500 Travis W. Pence, 34, 600 Monroe, reports his Xbox One and games were taken from his residence on 8/6/20.

20-21737 Theft under $500 Mark A. Wyatt, 41, 2930 State, reports his work hammer drill was taken off of his work vehicle while at 823 N. 12th.

20-21343 Arrest Robert Little, 45, Quincy, for disorderly conduct and assault at 1120 N. Sixth on 9/11/20. NTA.

20-22246 Arrest Sarah M. Powell, 32, Quincy, for driving while license suspended at Fourth and Chestnut on 9/22/20. NTA.

20-21489 Arrest Dylan O’Brian, 20, Quincy, for interfering on 9/13/20 at 1123 Jersey. NTA.

20-21505 Arrest Alexis M. Mast, 21, Quincy, for fighting from Seventh to Eighth and Maine to Hampshire on 9/13/20. NTA.

Kortney Huggins, 22, Quincy, for fighting from Seventh to Eighth and Maine to Hampshire on 9/13/20. NTA.

20-21497 Arrest Dustin R. Owsley, 30, Quincy, for operation of uninsured motor vehicle, improper backing, leaving the scene and hit-and-run on 9/13/20 in the 1000 block of Payson Avenue. NTA.

20-22239 Arrest James M. Altgilbers Jr., 37, Quincy, for resisting and obstructing a peace officer on 9/23/20 on Sycamore between Fourth and Fifth. Lodged.

20-19150 Deceptive Practice Carry Gibbs, 33, Quincy, reports numerous checks were stolen on 7/24/20 and then passed between 7/26 and 7/27/20 in Quincy. Investigation to continue.

20-19301 Drive Off Melissa Ewing, 40, Quincy, reports someone drove off without paying for $10 in gas from Ayerco, 2401 State, on 8/18/20. Investigation to continue.

20-19860 Theft under Timothy McKenna,35, Quincy, reports that his Illinois temporary tag was stolen between 8/24 and 8/25/20 from his 2005 Jeep while parked at 931 N. Fourth. Investigation to continue.

20-22262 Warrant Arrest Traci J. Kuch, 32, Quincy, for FTA-probation review, FTA-obstructing ID. Lodged.

20-22298 Arrest Kristina L. Cramsey, 37, 318 Maiden Lane, for FTA-retail theft at 318 Maiden Lane. Cash bond.

20-21898 Arrest Kyle F. Davis, 36, 2015 Blicks Village for retail theft at 5211 Broadway. NTA.

20-21566 Arrest Margaret R. Williams, 42, 705 S. Fifth, for reckless driving at 16th and State. NTA.

20-22301 Arrest Brooke E. Barnes, 29, 835 S. Fifth, for FTA-peace disturbance and FTA-possession of drug paraphernalia at 835 S. Fifth. NTA.

20-22291 Arrest Danielle R. Waterkotte, 24, 1308 N. 11th, for FTA-possession of methamphetamine and FTA-violation of an order of protection at 1308 N. 11th. Lodged.

20-22284 Arrest Glen L. Ledbetter Jr., 48, Edina, Mo., for possession of firearm by felon, possession of ammunition by felon, possession of controlled substance and possession of methamphetamine at 4122 Broadway. Lodged.

20-21206 Arrest Kelsey A. Hickman, 29, 3415 Brennan Drive, for interfering at 3415 Brennan Drive. NTA.

20-22224 Arrest Rachel L. Daiber, 22, Greenville, for no valid driver’s license at 18th and State. NTA.

20-17739 Arrest/Traffic Dominic Burton, 45, was arrested for disregarding a stop sign. PTC.

20-18390 Fraud Jonathan Marshall reported receiving a fraudulent check at 1400 Harrison on 8/5/20.

20-20000 Hit-and-Run Ryan Currie reported his 2001 Cadillac was hit by a gray van at Seventh and Elm. The other vehicle did not stop.

20-20601 Theft Sharon Hillary reported her car battery was stolen on 9/3/20 while at 200 Maine.

20-22336 Arrest Divonte Washington, 18, 629 Spring, for FTA for city OV-trespassing, fireworks, pedestrian use of roadway, peace disturbance and possession of tobacco as a minor and state FTA-no driver’s license and improper lane usage. NTA.

20-22272 Arrest/Lodged Jeffrey G. Lematty, 70, Quincy, for aggravated battery. Lodged.

20-22253 Arrest/Lodged Keethan Shaffer, 34, 3712 Tonja Drive, for domestic battery that occurred on 9/22/20.

20-18942 Criminal Damage Kimberly Koontz, 38, 616 Chestnut, reported damage to her white 2015 Chevrolet on 8/13/20. Vehicle was keyed on the passenger side and trunk.

20-19211 Retail Theft Ronda Holloway, manager of Shoe Carnival, reported that a Black female stole a pair of men's Puma tennis shoes on 8/17/20. The suspect left in a white Chevrolet Tahoe with Missouri registration. Investigation to continue.

20-21677 Theft under $500 Rachel Ayalew, 35, 1630 Chestnut, reported her son's Mongoose Ravage bicycle stolen from the side of their garage on 9/15/20. No suspects.

20-22302 Arrest Timothy L. Fuller, 45, Quincy, for no valid registration.

20-22376 Arrest Devon K. Hawkins, 26, Mendon, for driving while license suspended and FTA-interfering at Fifth and Broadway. NTA. 136

20-22358 Arrest Kimberly R. Spann, 43, 200 Maine, for FTA-uninsured vehicle at 200 Maine. NTA.

20-18880 Criminal Damage Tracy Newcomb reported the locks on his 1985 Chevrolet were damaged on 8/13/20.

20-18885 Hit-and-Run Brian Lewis reported his 2018 Kia was hit by another vehicle overnight on 8/12/20 while it was parked in the 600 block of Cherry.

20-22373 Theft Doug Durst reported that the catalytic convertor on his 2019 Ford was stolen on 9/23/20.

20-20829 Arrest Natalia C. Johnson, 27, 915 N. Fifth, for uninsured motor vehicle and child restraint violation on 9/5/20 at 54th and Broadway.

20-22402 Arrest Frederick D. Tasco, 50, 1204 Daniel Court, for improper turn at 48th and Maine on 9/24/20. PTC.

20-22439 Arrest Deanna J. Davis, 38, homeless, for FTA-driving while license revoked. NTA.

20-22406 Arrest Deshawn L. Tucker, 48, 2701 N. 12th, for driving while license suspended on 9/24/20 at 11th and Chestnut. NTA.

20-22399 Arrest Sarah N. Lyman, 30, 1037 S. 12th, for fighting on 9/24/20. NTA.

20-22351 Arrest Shianna S. Reddick, 23, Payson, for uninsured motor vehicle. NTA.

20-22442 Arrest/Lodged Tobey A. Hayes, 55, for FTA-driving while license revoked on 9/25/20 at 22nd and Lind.

20-22437 Arrest/Lodged Isaac E. Baker, 41, 918 S. Eighth, for criminal trespass to real property.

20-22436 Arson On 9/24/20 at 2252 hours, officers were sent to a structure fire at 1635 Payson Ave. A shed at the rear of the residence was fully engulfed. The shed, two vehicles and a neighboring residence were damaged. Fire and police investigators responded. Investigation to continue.

20-22454 Arrest Zakkiyya L. Brent, 19, 1212 N. Seventh, for failure to reduce speed at Seventh and Maine. PTC.

20-22442 Arrest Tobey A. Hays, 55, 2305 Ranchland, for possession of methamphetamine and FTA-driving while license revoked at 22nd and Chestnut. Lodged.

20-22128 Burglary Jason R. Hagenbaumer, 41, 2501 Broadway, reports the catalytic converter was taken off his 2005 Chevrolet on 9/21/20.

20-21022 Criminal Damage Christopher T. Hanlin, 45, 419 S. Seventh, reports on 9/08/20, five juveniles had damaged several items on the property including the front door to the business. Investigation to continue.

20-20124 Residential Burglary Scott M. Altgilbers, 33, 601 N. 28th, reports on 8/28/20 someone entered his residence and took multiple tools.

20-21003 Theft Annita M Wasmundt, 66, 2019 Adams, reports on 9/8/20, her wallet was taken from a shopping cart at Hy-Vee, 1400 Harrison.

20-22534 Arrest/Lodged Alysia J. Chestnutt, 36, 508 Jefferson, FTA-criminal trespass to vehicles at North Fifth and Lind. Lodged.

20-22563 Arrest/Lodged Tabitha M. Oberdahlhoff, 33, 1128 1/2 State, petition for revocation of supervision, Pike County. Cash bond.

20-22450 Arrest/Traffic Joshua D. Lovelace, 28, 1510 Penthouse Drive, operating uninsured at 1020 S. Sixth. NTA.

20-22126 Retail Theft Denise G. Bower, 27, Hannibal, Mo., retail theft at 1400 Harrison on 9/21/20. NTA.

20-21327 Arrest Michael D. Howser, 42, Quincy, arrested for obstructing justice at 620 Broadway on 9/11/20. NTA.

20-20583 Arrest Sheri M. Wainwright, 34, Quincy, arrested for driving under the influence, improper lane usage and operate uninsured vehicle at 12th and Harrison. NTA.

20-22603 Arrest/Lodged Jacob S. Bigley, 40, Quincy, arrested for FTA-operate uninsured vehicle at 429 N. Eighth. Lodged.

20-22608 Arrest/Lodged Donte M. Clausell, 32, Quincy, arrested for possession of weapon by a felon and driving while license revoked at Seventh and Ohio. Lodged.

20-22577 Arrest/Lodged Travis R. Kaltenbach, 37, Quincy, arrested for FTA-possession of methamphetamine, FTA-theft, FTA-retail theft and FTA-forgery at Fifth and Lind. Lodged.

20-22591 Arrest/Lodged Latrice N. Hill, 37, Quincy, arrested for FTA-operate uninsured vehicle and a juvenile matter warrant at Sixth and Spruce. Lodged.

20-22485 Traffic Arrest Aaron Lewis, 26, Canton, Mo., for failure to yield-left turn at 13th and Jefferson. PTC.

20-22609 Arrest Randy A. Summers, 41, Quincy, arrested for FTA-interfering and fireworks at 1240 Sycamore. NTA.

20-22661 Arrest/Traffic Rhonda J. Altgilbers, 70, Quincy, citation for improper lane usage at 36th and Broadway. PTC.

20-22588 Arrest/Traffic Rylie N. Kenning, 19, Quincy, citations for operate uninsured vehicle and failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident at 48th and State.

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