Daily Blotter

DAILY BLOTTER: June 22, 2020

Posted: Jun. 22, 2020 12:01 am Updated: Jun. 23, 2020 6:04 pm

Quincy Police

Compiled from logs emailed by the Quincy Police Department at 4:47 p.m. June 15, 5:07 a.m. June 16, 4:47 p.m. June 16, 4:51 a.m. June 17, 5:24 a.m. June 18, 5 p.m. June 18, 5:54 p.m. June 19, 4:50 a.m. June 20, 4:37 p.m. June 20, 5:03 a.m. June 21, 4:30 p.m. June 21 and 4:45 a.m. June 22.

20-12227 Lost Property Bobby Dickson reported losing his wallet containing a bank card and his ID. Dickson is not sure where he lost it.

20-12792 Theft over $500 Adam C. Snider, 31, 2409 Crystal Ave., reports the theft of a 2004 Big Dog Custom from his residence on 6/7/20.

20-13519 Arrest Dakota L. Mitchell, 24, Quincy, arrested for FTA-fighting at Sixth and Maine. NTA.

20-13480 Arrest Devin J. Milsap, 32, Quincy, arrested for FTA-unlawful use of credit card at Sixth and Chestnut. NTA.

20-12863 Arrest/Traffic Amanda J. Ritter, 35, Hannibal, Mo., citations for improper lane usage and leaving the scene of a property damage accident at 17th and Monroe. NTA.

20-13076 Arrest/Traffic Valerie K. Wiewel, 59, Fowler, citation for failure to yield right of way at 15th and Maple. NTA.

20-11948 Theft Rya D. Johnson, 35, Quincy, reports the theft of a bicycle, television and phone from 649 Monroe between 5/21 and 5/28/20.

20-13538 Arrest Adam L. Scott, 21, 2220 Sunny Lane, for driving while license suspended at 15th and Broadway. NTA.

20-13561 Arrest Angela Gutting, 58, Quincy, for peace disturbance at 1230 Park Place on 6/16/20. NTA.

20-13594 Arrest Kymia S. Voepel, 30, Quincy, for FTA-retail theft. NTA.

20-13182 Arrest Tecarl Steele ,30, Quincy, for operation of uninsured motor vehicle and no valid driver’s license. NTA.

20-13585 Arrest Russell W. Cookson, 36, Quincy, arrested for shoplifting at 620 Broadway. NTA.

20-12658 Arson Investigation James Darnell, 55, Quincy, reports items next to his porch had been set on fire causing damage to his siding. Investigation to continue.

Warrant Arrest A Vae C. Ball, 19, Quincy, for FTA-aggravated battery public place. Lodged. NTA at Adams County Jail.

Austin D. Andrews Dowds, 23, Quincy, for FTA-domestic battery. Lodged.

Flint W. Dorsey, 44, Quincy, for FTA-legal matter. NTA.

Tammi Forrester, 38, Quincy, for FTA-legal matter. NTA.

Michelle White, 44, Quincy, for an outstanding Menard County warrant for FTA-traffic. Lodged.

Deeahana Gholston, 35, Quincy, for FTA-stealing. NTA.

20-13569 Warrant Arrest Phillip Barron, 33, Petersburg, on a warrant for FTA-uninsured motor vehicle. NTA.

20-13353 Arrest Michael R. Johnson, 56, Quincy, for aggravated battery at 129 S. Fourth. NTA.

20-13704 Traffic Arrest David K. Slater, 19, Quincy, for operate uninsured motor vehicle at 24th and Jefferson. NTA.

20-13749 Arrest Linda Cramsey, 69, Quincy for failure to reduce speed.

20-13737 Arrest Samantha J. Durst, 49, 1300 N. Fifth, for operate uninsured vehicle at Sixth and Broadway. NTA.

20-13737 Arrest Lester D. McClain, 86, 1101 S. 21st, for failure to yield private drive at Sixth and Broadway. PTC.

20-13739 Arrest Brianne R. Carlson, 32, 1322 Donlee, for disregard stop sign and operate uninsured vehicle at Eighth and Spruce. NTA.

20-13638 Arrest Tamika B. Latchison, 33, 1119 Washington, for operating uninsured vehicle and disregard stop sign at 54th and Maine. NTA.

20-12171 Arrest Richard S. Schmidt, 37, 518 Adams, for retail theft at 1335 S. 12th. NTA.

20-13716 Arrest Eric A. Mayall, 31, 619 College Ave., for domestic battery at 619 College Ave. Lodged.

20-13720 Arrest Eric A. Mayall, 31, 619 College Ave., for FTA-theft and FTA-burglary at 619 College Ave. Lodged.

20-12892 Criminal Damage John Bocke reported the car wash at 12th and Chestnut was spray painted on the walls and vending machine.

20-13812 Arrest Brandon S. Hurley, 31, Fowler, for Adams County warrant for criminal trespass and assault in the 400 block of S. 14th. NTA.

20-13820 Arrest Christina R. Besher, 43, Hannibal, Mo., for operating uninsured vehicle at Fifth and Broadway. NTA.

20-13572 Arrest Shalisha N. Clayton, 31, 2610 Chestnut, trespassing at 5211 Broadway on 6/16/20. NTA.

20-12708 Criminal Damage Bryce K. Rupp, 22, 2001 Jefferson, reports the business was entered on 6/6/20.

20-13149 Criminal Damage Destiny U. Hicks, 31, 3417 College Ave., reports her 2014 Chevrolet's rear window was damaged by a rock on 6/10/20.

20-12345 Theft under $500 Connie L. Hiland, 54, 525 1/2 Jefferson, reports $150 in U.S. currency was taken from 1400 Vermont, Apt. 1 on 6/2/20.

20-13867 Traffic Arrest Kylee J. Churchill, 26, Paloma, for improper lane usage on 6/19/20 at 27th and Broadway. PTC.

Warrant Arrest Deviak Dailing, 24, Quincy, for FTA-aggravated battery. Lodged.

Ricky A. Watson, 31, Quincy, FTA-possession of methamphetamine. Lodged.

Earel V. Burks, 51, Quincy, outstanding Adams County warrant for possession of a stolen vehicle. Lodged.

20-11479 Theft Christopher Hull, 515 Payson Ave., reports the theft of a 1976 blue Schwinn Stingray bicycle from the side of his house on 5/22/20.

20-11868 Theft Brandie Taylor, 1010 York, reports the theft of a Bolton brand push mower from her yard on 5/26/20.

20-13851 Traffic Arrest Michael Spilker, 20, 3030 N. 12th, for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident at 52nd and Broadway. PTC.

20-13893 Arrest Kaden L. Schmidt, 24, Quincy, for driving in alleyway after dark and interfering on 6/20/20 at 1115 N. Fifth. NTA.

Warrant Arrest Carl E. Riley, 54, Quincy, for FTA-operation of uninsured motor vehicle. NTA.

Garth L. Myers, 31, Quincy, FTA-possession of methamphetamine. Lodged.

Ray Williams Jr., 54, Quincy, FTA-divorce. NTA.

20-13909 Arrest/Traffic Cheri L. Dunham, 527 Broadway, driving while licenses suspended, operating uninsured and failure to yield at North 27th and Broadway. NTA.

20-12357 Theft over $500 Robbie A. Perry, 300 Cedar, Apt. 14, reports on 6/2/20, an unknown Black male approached his vehicle while parked at the 1001 N. Fifth and took U.S. currency and fled the area.

20-12709 Theft under $500 Joshua C. Peters, 26, 2002 Hill Top Drive, reports on 6/2/20 medication and U.S. currency were taken from his residence.

20-14037 Traffic Arrest Matthew Borrowman, 42, Quincy, for driving while license suspended and improper turn at 24th and Cedar on 6/21/20. NTA.