Daily Blotter

DAILY BLOTTER: Sept. 4, 2019

Posted: Sep. 4, 2019 11:42 am

Quincy Police

Compiled from logs emailed by the Quincy Police Department at 5:07 p.m. Aug. 29, 5:16 a.m. Aug. 30, 5 p.m. Aug. 30, 5:18 a.m. Aug. 31, 5:40 p.m. Aug. 31, 5:11 a.m. Sept. 1, 5:13 p.m. Sept. 1, 5:08 a.m. Sept. 2, 6:25 p.m. Sept. 2, 6:07 a.m. Sept. 3 and 4:55 a.m. Sept. 4.

19-24227 Arrest Kaitlen N. Edwards, 31, Quincy, for illegal use of cellphone.

19-24222 Arrest/Lodged Thomas L. Robertson, 36, was arrested for domestic battery. Lodged.

19-24232 Arrest/Warrant Kamya S. Fuhrman, 32, was arrested on a warrant for FTA-licensee giving/selling liquor to minor. Lodged.

19-23018 Found Bike On 8/19/19, a Next brand bike was found near 22nd and Spruce and logged at QPD.

19-23516 Theft under $500 On 8/23/19, Anna Timmsen, 2063 Maple, reported the theft of a green Huffy brand bicycle from her property. The bike was later recovered from the area of 18th and Maple.

19-24318 Arrest Danielle M. Wojcik, 18, 1800 College Ave., liquor-consumption by minor at 1708 Broadway. NTA.

Charlotte A. Horman, 18, 1800 College Ave., liquor-consumption by minor at 1708 Broadway. NTA.

Kennady J. Fleer, 18, 1800 College Ave., liquor-consumption by minor at 1708 Broadway. NTA.

Christie L. Settles, 18, 1800 College Ave., liquor-consumption by minor at 1708 Broadway. NTA.

19-20392 Arrest/Lodged Helen I. Horton, 33, 805 N. Fifth, Apt. 2, retail theft at 1400 Harrison from an incident on 7/26/19. Lodged.

19-24316 Arrest/Lodged Nicholas L. Trenter, 34, homeless, possession of methamphetamine, resisting arrest and illegal pedestrian use of the roadway at North 16th and Chestnut. Lodged.

19-23466 Arrest/Lodged Bradley D. Fessenden, Palmyra, Mo., 23, aggravated DUI, driving while license suspended, wrong way on one-way, illegal transportation of alcohol and operating uninsured at North 18th and Vermont. Lodged.

19-22627 Arrest/Traffic Ronnie L. McKenzie, Jr., 25, 317 Ohio, failure to yield to pedestrian at North 12th and Locust. PTC.

19-23804 Arrest/Traffic Tashia D. Decker,42, 1237 N. 11th, no valid driver’s license at South Sixth and State. NTA.

19-24304 Arrest/Traffic Ashley N. Stratman, 30, 318 Milliner's Alley, illegal transportation of alcohol at 600 block of South Eighth. PTC.

19-24319 Arrest/Traffic Ariel A. Sparrow, 23, 2619 W. Valley View Drive, speeding at North 17th and Broadway. PTC.

19-24277 Arrest/Traffic Alexis P. Dominguez, 22, 1123 N. Sixth, improper backing at North Fifth and Broadway. PTC.

19-23544 Burglary Francis J. Mullet, 57, 2526 Lexi Lane, reports on 8/23/19 his shed was entered, and several power tools were taken.

19-22741 Theft under $500 Breana J. Cobb, 21, 1510 Penthouse Drive, reports on 8/16/19, U.S. currency and three stocking caps were taken from her residence.

19-24190 Theft under $500 Jacob L. Sprinkle, 22, 827 Adams, reports his Mongoose motorized bicycle was taken from 806 Monroe St on 8/28/19.

19-24357 Arrest Heidi L. Semerad, 43, 634 Van Buren, for operating uninsured vehicle at Third and Maine. NTA.

19-23970 Burglary Kevin Grootens, 64, reports his business at 538 S. 12th was burglarized between 8/26 and 8/27/19. Investigation to continue.

19-23888 Criminal Damage Anthony Goedereis, 76, reports his 1997 Ford was damaged while parked at 826 N. Fifth on 8/25/19.

19-22782 Arrest Claude J. Dean, 30, Quincy, for driving wrong way on one-way, resisting, failure to signal, driving through alley at night and possession of methamphetamine. NTA.

19-23374 Arrest Michael N. Randall, 26, Quincy, for peace disturbance at 712 Cherry on 8/22/19. NTA.

19-24402 Arrest Alfonso Sanders, 58, Quincy, for trespassing at 1123 N. Fourth Scrub a Dub Laundry on 8/30/19. NTA.

19-23298 Arrest Paulla L. Meyer, 36, 209 St. John, West Point, for retail theft over $300. NTA.

19-24403 Arrest/Lodged Kyle G. Hawk, 23, 416 Chestnut, original warrant for possession of methamphetamine. Lodged.

19-24394 Arrest/Lodged Erik Burgess, 29, 1303 State, was arrested for an original warrant for aggravated domestic battery, aggravated battery and domestic battery. Lodged.

19-23412 Residential Burglary Marty Parrick, 49, and Kyler Parrick, 18, 636 1/2 S. 11th, reported their residence was entered and two PS4s and a laptop were stolen.

19-20582 Residential Burglary Charles Burell, 53, 2505 Chestnut, reported his garage was broken into and a Stihl chainsaw and blue Master lock were stolen.

19-23431 Theft of Mislaid Property Brendon Campbell, 27, 730 S. 22nd, reported he lost his wallet property while on Indian Hills property. Campbell's wallet was located but the contents were stolen, $160.

Traffic Arrest Aaron Summers, 30, Quincy, for operation of uninsured motor vehicle at Third and College on 8/31/19. NTA.

Jacob A. Cohen, 22, Chariton, Iowa, for improper lane usage on 8/30/19 at 12th and Jefferson. PTC.

Nancy D. Rodriquez, 28, Camp Point, for operation of uninsured motor vehicle and disobeying a traffic control device. NTA.

Warrant Arrest Shane E. Mowen, 20, Quincy, for FTA-driving while license revoked and FTA-seat belt. Lodged.

Nancy D. Rodriquez, 28, Camp Point, for FTA-driving while license suspended and FTA-failure to wear seat belt. Lodged.

19-24035 Burglary Gregory Lionberger, 817 Jersey, reports the residence was entered, and coats and shoes were stolen between 8/26 and 8-27/19.

19-23973 Traffic Arrest Nicholas Niewohner, 37, 1515 Harrison, for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident at 12th and State. PTC.

19-24006 Traffic Arrest Aaliyah Cook, 23, 1141 Chestnut, for failure to yield, expired registration and operating uninsured vehicle at 18th and Broadway on 8/27/19. NTA.

19-23423 Arrest Kevin W. Scronce, 27, Quincy, for possession of methamphetamine on 8/22/19 at Seventh and State. NTA.

19-24529 Arrest Timothy B. Watkins, 39, Quincy, for driving while license revoked and operation of uninsured motor vehicle. Watkins also was arrested for FTA-failure to wear seat belt. Lodged.

Warrant Arrest Schanique D. Ellis, 27, Quincy, for FTA-possession of methamphetamine x2. Lodged.

Adam J. Ozbourne, 34, Quincy, for FTA-theft. Lodged.

19-24608 Traffic Arrest Autumn Owsley, 26, 5028 E. Paradise, for operating uninsured vehicle at Fifth and Lind. NTA.

19-24489 Traffic Arrest Adam Hunter, 34, 1255 Maine, Apt. B, for driving while license suspended, operating vehicle with suspended registration, operating uninsured vehicle and child restraint violation at 36th and Maine. NTA.

Savannah Toepke, 19, 1142 S. 24th, for expired registration at Fifth and College. PTC.

19-24603 Warrant Arrest Morill Taylor, 25, 734 Elm, on warrants for FTA-theft x2 and a city OV for FTA-fighting at Sixth and Elm. Lodged.

19-24549 Arrest Gregory S. Vancamp, 51, and Deanna S. Mitchell, 40, both of Quincy, for fighting on 8/31/19 at 24th and Cedar. NTA.

19-24566 Arrest Makiah D. Milsap, 21, Quincy, for interfering at 711 S. Front, the Barn, on 9/1/19. NTA.

19-24627 Arrest Gabriel C. Bryant, 19, Quincy, for shoplifting at 5211 Broadway, Walmart on 9/1/19. NTA.

19-24545 Arrest Bruce A. Blevins, 35, Quincy, for trespassing at 1331 N. Sixth on 8/31/19. NTA.

19-22345 Theft Brian Veile reports a vacuum cleaner change machine was broken into at South Side Car Wash at 1708 Harrison between 0001 and 0750 hours on 8/13/19.

19-24629 Traffic Arrest Gregory C. Cook, 42, for expired registration on 9/1/19 at Eighth and Chestnut. PTC.

Warrant Arrest Jenna L. Miller, 41, Quincy, for FTA-possession of methamphetamine and a new Adams County warrant for possession of methamphetamine. Lodged.

Jaime A. Schroder, 40, Quincy, for FTA-driving while license revoked and a motion to revoke bond warrant. Lodged.

Cody W. Terry, 23, Quincy, for FTA-trespass x2 and FTA-fighting. Lodged.

19-24690 Arrest/Traffic Michaela M. Bremmer, 25, was arrested for stop sign violation. PTC.

19-24679 Arrest/Traffic Felicia N.M. Dominguez, 20, was arrested for expired registration. PTC.

19-24694 Arrest/Traffic Brittney L. Werneth, 26, was arrested for improper left turn and operating uninsured motor vehicle after a traffic crash at Fifth and Chestnut. NTA.

19-24667 Arrest/Traffic James M. Pratt, 78, was arrested for failure to reduce speed to avoid accident. PTC.

19-24482 Arrest/Traffic Kelly S. Weiman, 32, was arrested for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident. PTC.

19-24702 Arrest/Warrant William J. Wolk, Jr., 41, was arrested on a warrant for FTA-improper lane use. Lodged.

19-24672 Arrest/Warrant Jeffrey L. Passmore, 53, was arrested on a warrant for FTA-driving/operating ATV on roadway. Lodged.

19-23034 Criminal Damage On 8/19/19, Jason Eddy, 1600 State, Apt. W, reported his apartment was damaged and entered however nothing was missing. No suspects.

19-24127 Theft under $500 On 8/28/19, John Camillo, 1619 Spruce, reported the theft of a Craftsman lawnmower and a Campbell Hausfeld brand air compressor from his garage.

19-20605 Arrest Michael D. Adkins, 53, Quincy, arrested for vandalism in the 200 block of Lind. NTA.

19-22098 Arrest Nancy D. Bender, 65, Quincy, arrested for aggravated battery at Seventh and Cherry on 8/10/19. NTA.

19-21970 Arrest Ethan W. Janssen, 26, and Dakota L.K. Boernson, 22, were arrested for fighting at 401 Cherry on 8/9/19. NTA.

19-24752 Arrest/Lodged Amanda L. Johnson, 35, Quincy, arrested on an original possession of hypodermic needle/syringe at 1137 Adams. Lodged.

19-24731 Arrest/Lodged Stephen D. Morris, 36, Quincy, arrested for FTA-driving while license suspended, FTA-no valid driver’s license, driving while license suspended and aggravated fleeing at 626 S. 20th. Lodged.

19-24706 Arrest/Lodged Casey A. Prather, 31, Quincy, arrested for FTA-burglary at 500 Maine. Lodged.

19-24891 Arrest Keli M. Walker, 36, 627 Harrison Drive, FTA-court matter at 627 Harrison Drive. Cash bond.

19-24857 Arrest/Lodged William A. Yurachek, 29, 1607 Ohio, FTA-possession of drug paraphernalia and disregard traffic control device at 1607 Ohio. Lodged.

19-24851 Arrest/Lodged Gabriel M. Richardson, 46, Blandinsville, FTA-stealing at 2533 N. 18th. Lodged.

19-24860 Arrest/Traffic Holly E. Rogerson, 30, 620 S. 14th, revoked/suspended registration and operating uninsured at North Fourth and Cedar. NTA.

19-24885 Arrest/Traffic Shelby L. Allensworth, 25, 712 Washington, operating uninsured and speeding at North 30th and Broadway. NTA.

19-22650 Theft over $500 Samantha M. Ferrer, 34, 326 Chestnut, reports a green industrial fan was taken from the from the front porch of her residence on 8/15/19.