DAILY BLOTTER: June 11, 2018

Posted: Jun. 11, 2018 3:24 pm

Quincy Police

From logs emailed by the Quincy Police Department at 4:51 p.m. June 8, 5:40 a.m. June 9, 4:58 p.m. June 9, 6:04 a.m. June 10, 5:03 p.m. June 10 and 5:19 a.m. June 11.

18-15360 Arrest Timothy Scott, 53, for possession and delivery of methamphetamine at Fifth and Wisherd on 6-8-18. Lodged.

18-15360 Arrest Timothy E Scott, 53, homeless, for FTA-disregard stop sign at Fifth and Wisherd. Lodged.

18-15249 Fraud Barbara Chapin, 70, reports someone attempted to open a credit card in her name on 4-25-18.

18-15061 Lost Property David Hedrick, 25, reports losing his wallet, cash, credit card and Illinois ID card somewhere in Quincy on 6-5-18.

18-15066 Theft Steven Shelts, 61, reports his 1997 Honda four-wheeler stolen from 2300 N. 24th between 5-28-18 to 6-2-18. No suspects.

18-15356 Traffic Arrest Gabrielle McCorkle, 28, for improper driving at 33rd and Broadway on 6-8-18.

18-15368 Traffic Arrest Brittany Barnes, 30, for failure to reduce speed/accident at 24th and Jefferson on 6-8-18.

18-15147 Traffic Arrest Jani Miller, 81, for failure to reduce speed/accident at 15th and Broadway on 6-8-18.

18-15407 Arrest Chelsea M. Peter, 28, 1221 Vermont, for operating an uninsured vehicle. NTA.

18-15426 Arrest Derek Moore, 18, 302 E. State St., Payson, for trespassing at 5201 Broadway. NTA.

18-15417 Arrest Emily J. Taylor, 42, 360 Creal Springs Road, Creal Spring, for operating an uninsured vehicle. NTA.

18-15405 Arrest William J. Wolk Jr., 39, 2527 Northbrook Road, for operating an uninsured vehicle. NTA.

18-13226 Arrest/Lodged Cody M. Shoopman, 27, was arrested for obstructing identification and possession of cannabis, more than 2.5 less than 10 grams.

18-15043 Arrest/Lodged Darren H. Williams, 47, was arrested for violation of orders of protection. Lodged.

18-15389 Arrest/Traffic Zachery A. Shelton, 20, was arrested for operating uninsured vehicle. NTA.

18-15388 Arrest/Traffic Joseph K. Tanner, 56, was arrested for operating uninsured vehicle. NTA.

18-15431 Arrest/Lodged Brittany N. Hunolt, 31, 601 Monroe St., for FTA-driving while license suspended and FTA operating uninsured and new charges for driving while license suspended and operating an uninsured vehicle. Lodged.

18-15414 Arrest/Lodged Victor L. Armstrong, 43, 730 N. Fifth for FTA-domestic battery and FTA-operating uninsured vehicle. Lodged.

18-15007 Criminal Damage Employee of McDonalds, Kristina Brooks, 32, reported a white female was upset about her order not being right and damaged two of their cup holder caddies. Investigation to continue.

18-14972 Arrest Nichole M. Dyer, 42, Coatsburg, driving while license suspended and failure to reduce speed at North 29th and Broadway. Cash.

18-13633 Arrest Alexis R. Gay, 30, 922 N. 10th St., fraud/debit card and theft under $500 at 4122 Broadway on 06-08-18. NTA.

18-15355 Arrest Rita L. Blickhan, 56, Mendon, speeding at South 45th and State. PTC.

18-15357 Arrest Glen A. Lubbe, 53, 707 Hill and Brook Drive, failure to wear seat belt at South 45th and State. PTC.

18-13999 Arrest Kaylie R. Naderhoff, 29, 1704 S. 47th St., DUI, disobey stop sign at North Third and Maple. Cash.

18-15079 Hit and Run Travis C. McCaslin, 28, 1032 S. 24th St., reports his 2016 Ford F-150 was struck in the 1200 block of Broadway St.

18-15441 Arrest/Traffic Robert A. Brookhart, 36, was arrested for driving while license revoked. Cash bond.

18-15492 Arrest/Traffic Charles A. Veile, 45, was arrested for driving while license suspended, operating uninsured vehicle.

18-15523 Arrest/Warran Jeffrey G. Schmidt, 28, was arrested on warrants for FTA-possession of methamphetamine and FTA OV-improper lane use. Lodged.

18-15463 Arrest/Warrant Xavier J. Colon, 22, was arrested on a warrant for FTA-driving 15-20 mph above limit. NTA.

18-15006 Burglary On 6-4-18, Christopher Hummer, 1224 Broadway, reported his residence was burglarized and items taken. No Suspects.

18-15594 Arrest Kreston T. Nikonsuk, 35, 318 Maiden Lane, Apt. 315, littering at 318 Maiden Lane. NTA.

18-15478 Arrest Justin W. Creswell, 27, 613 1/2 N. Eighth St., operating uninsured vehicle at 425 Broadway St. NTA.

18-15542 Arrest/Traffic Adam D. Kozlowski, 46, was arrested for expired registration. PTC.

18-15583 Arrest/Warrant Heather S. Tallman, 39, was arrested on a warrant for FTA-operating uninsured motor vehicle and expired registration.

18-15548 Arrest/Traffic Yvonne M. Tucker, 62, 226 S. 11th St., failure to yield private drive at North 18th and Chestnut. PTC.

18-15174 Burglary Robert G. Barton, 53, 627 S. 15th St., reported on 6-6-18, two subjects entered his garage and stole multiple tools.

18-15264 Burglary to Vehicle Judy L Reardon, 57, 2060 Broadway St., reports on 6-7-18 her cellphone was taken while at 612 N. 11th St.

18-14741 Theft Ginger M. Mefford, 56, 528 W. Holford Drive, reported on 6-1-18 a GB Moto Pocket motorcycle was taken from her driveway between 5-31-18 and 6-1-18.

18-15591 Arrest Kimberly I. Koontz, 36, 831 N 5th St, FTA blocking a driveway at 831 N. Fifth St. Cash.

18-15618 Arrest/Lodged Seth Hickey, 25, 1517 S. Sixth, for violation of an order of protection at Sixth and Payson on 6-10-18. Lodged.

18-15658 Arrest/Lodged Monte Scott, 50, 637 Chestnut St., for possession of methamphetamine and a Morgan County warrant for FTA-resisting a peace officer at 526 Wisherd on 6-11-18. Lodged.

18-15654 Arrest/Lodged Debra Brassfield, 59, 2421 Maine, Apt. 1E, for possession of methamphetamine at 1139 N. Fifth on 6-11-18. Lodged.

18-15615 Arrest/Lodged Lexus Fox, 21, 1606 Van Buren, for domestic battery that occurred at that address on 6-10-18. Lodged.

18-15569 Arrest/Traffic Shane D. Kurk, 21, was arrested for failure to wear seat belt-passenger. PTC .

18-15569 Arrest/Traffic Devyn M. Winters, 22, was arrested for failure to wear seat belt-passenger. PTC.

18-15401 Traffic Arrest Delany Hood, 18, 2511 State, for speeding and operating uninsured vehicle at 36th and Holiday Drive on 6-8-18. NTA.

18-15555 Traffic Arrest Stephen Maroon, 25, 310 1/2 S. 12th, for speeding and operating uninsured vehicle at 18th and Broadway on 6-9-18. NTA.

18-15581 Traffic Arrest Heather Tallman, 38, 516 Timber Ridge Lane, Quincy, for disobeying stop sign and operating uninsured vehicle at 18th and Payson on 6-10-18. NTA.

18-15650 Warrant Arrest Natasha Humphrey, 37, 513 N. Fifth, LaGrange, Mo., for FTA-parking on land of another at Fifth and Jersey. Cash bond.