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Hey May, can you please chill

Posted: May. 9, 2018 5:07 pm Updated: May. 9, 2018 5:24 pm

All through the month of April, it seemed like we were trying to cram in as much as possible.

If I had any message for May it would be, "Please be way more chill."

My grade-schoolers are into the ABC countdown, where each day is themed, until the last day of school. God forbid we sleep in, unless it's crazy hair day - that may actually work.

The weather has changed and the kids are ticking time bombs of energy, but with massively demanding schedules. Most days I'm just wondering when we're going to get dinner in as I eat another granola bar from the mini van waiting on someone. I'm feeling pretty done by 6 p.m., but realize I've got another three hours, at least, before I can lie down. During those three hours I will consider writing Honda on suggestions for turning the back bench into a full-on futon.

With the extremely busy schedule, I can't seem to shake the sense I'm forgetting something. As I reverse the car out of the drive, I quickly realize it's one of the children. I retrieve the straggler and carry on.

I know the saying, "Busy people get things done," but I wake up every day listing everything in my head, feeling like something's missing. Maybe it's just the mind of a mommy or just someone who never stops thinking. I'm pretty sure this feeling is the equivalent to the dreams where you realize it's the end of the year and you're in a class you didn't even know about and you're scrambling to pass the test.

Before anyone comes in with suggestions, yes, I have a calendar. Two calendars, actually, but I'm still not sure I've written everything down. I wish I had a mind like a steel trap and could just remember. While I'm wishing, I'd also like a private secretary who can find shoes and shush people. Oh and a live-in maid!

Anyway, my message for May is to chill.

I know we have a recitals, games, field trips and a million other things I'm personally forgetting, but I say "no" to the stress and anxiety surrounding the planning and facilitating of these events.

Maybe that means caffeine.

Maybe that means wine.

But we're going to get through this!

Jen Reekie was born and raised in Quincy and received a communications degree at the University of Kansas, which has come in quite handy as she communicates every day with four children who don't hear a word she says. This stay-at-home mom enjoys the challenge, though, and shares her experiences in this blog, "Mum's the Word." She welcomes your feedback, questions and stories about staying sane while raising kids.

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