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New Year's resolutions and zombie apocalypse

Posted: Jan. 4, 2018 10:33 am Updated: Jan. 4, 2018 10:48 am

Last year I told the kids about New Year's resolutions and what they were. I said, "For example, this year I'm going to try to not yell." My oldest very quickly replied, "What's your plan B?"

Cheeky little ...

This year, the conversation took a turn and we started discussing things we would like to do instead of things we would like to give up, a sort of bucket list if you will.

I like the idea way better than resolutions that we will inevitably fail at. I mean, unless there is something you really need to give up or your resolution is very vague, as in "I'm going to be healthier this year," we are all over most of our resolutions within a week.

As I throw a handful of gummy bears in my mouth that the kids left out from their Christmas candy (Let the record show that those gummy bears were left in a public space and open), I consider what I should give up. I don't smoke, don't drink nearly enough, I eat fairly healthy. I could cut back on sugar but, yawn, I'm bored already. Make that two handfuls of gummy bears! I can cleanse tomorrow.

Instead, I would like to talk about resolving to do more and kicking myself less. Tick more boxes on the road less traveled ... and maybe clean the basement.

I thought filling a mason jar with some of these "to do" items might be a good idea. The kids gave me: Shoot off fireworks and make pudding. I knew I shouldn't have left the pudding box in clear sight.

We will continues to think of things we would like to do and work on getting through our list ... and, yes, we've already made the pudding.

In an effort to get the kids interested in the basement, I drew their attention to a specific project.

We have an emergency food and resource area with non-perishables, extra water and flashlights. My oldest got right into that when I jokingly told her we should organize it better and restock in case of a zombie apocalypse. So we added "Prep for zombie apocalypse" to the list.

It's now, by far, my favorite New Year's resolution. Expect solar panels, back-up generator and a well added to my 2018 Christmas list.

I don't know if I should openly admit this but one of my college friends and I actually have an ongoing joke about zombie apocalypse. We know where we would go and who would be on our "team." We have even discussed what each member of our team is good for. When we meet someone new, we have to point out what good qualities they would bring to zombie apocalypse. I bring humor and offspring. Having watched "The Walking Dead," up until Hershel's farm, I'm pretty sure it's better to die early - so I'm fine with being the weakest link.

I suppose I should get serious now and give you my real advice for this year, which is:

  • Make a list of things you'd like to do rather than resolving to fail at something unimportant.
  • Live THIS year to the fullest and enjoy the people who make life interesting.
  • Have some adventures worth documenting because when I'm old and staring out the window, I want those memories to make me shake my head and laugh out loud in a room all by myself like a crazy person.
  • Be okay with being a little crazy and most importantly ...
  • Prep yourself for a zombie apocalypse.

With a side of pudding.

Jen Reekie was born and raised in Quincy and received a communications degree at the University of Kansas, which has come in quite handy as she communicates every day with four children who don't hear a word she says. This stay-at-home mom enjoys the challenge, though, and shares her experiences in this blog, "Mum's the Word." She welcomes your feedback, questions and stories about staying sane while raising kids.

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