Quincy City Council should not approve marijuana dispensary

I cannot believe that the Quincy City Council is considering approving a marijuana dispensary in Quincy. Is marijuana not against federal law? Why is Quincy participating in a revolt against the federal government?

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Science presents a plausible defense of intelligent design

I am not a scientist, but I have an intense curiosity about this magnificent universe we live in and the planet we live on. I have never considered the debate over evolution settled.


Gun restriction proposals are purposely vague

If one can believe the polls, the vast majority of the public wants "comprehensive" background checks for all gun purchases and bans on "assault" weapons and "high capacity" magazines.


Party in power in India intolerant of other religions

I came from India to America in the early '70s. The country I left shared many things with America. It was a democracy, it was secular, it respected rights of individuals to freedom of religion, and mob justice was punished.


Trump not interested in solving domestic terrorism

Now it seems in the aftermath or our recent domestic terrorism incidents, President Donald Trump is backing off in his willingness to support increased background checks for firearm purchases.


Reach out to someone who might be considering suicide

Suicide prevention is everybody's business. National Suicide Prevention Awareness Week is Sept. 8-14. Although there is no single cause of suicide, one of the risks is social isolation.


Dress code not 'antiquated,' just too exhausting to enforce

The Herald-Whig article from Aug. 21 headlined "QHS updating ‘outdated' dress code," should have been titled "QHS lowering standards on dress code." Frankly, I'm surprised they even acknowledge having a dress code.


National Nurses United union supports Medicare for All

The National Nurses United union supports Medicare for All. It is the largest group of registered nurses in the U.S. and knows health care at the patient level.


Thanks for condolences and thoughtfulness

Our family would like to thank everyone for the prayers, cards, calls, those who brought food and for the memorial gifts that were given in memory of our loved one, William "Bill" Wilcox.


Those with power always want to silence new voices

I notice that Donald Trump doesn't tell Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to go back to the countries they came from as he recently suggested four women of color serving as democratically elected representatives do.

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