Nobody can agree on bettering the country

Every president the United States has ever had was elected by the Electoral College. People who don't like that result, get over it! There is no better representation for everyone than the Electoral College.

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Quincy residents lucky to have both airport, train service

I was so pleased to read about the continued popularity of the Quincy airport in The Herald-Whig on June 12, "Airport sees increased passenger counts."


Thanks for attending my 85th birthday party

I would like to thank everyone for coming to my 85th birthday party on June 1.


Quincy folks helped traveler with mechanical problem

I visited Quincy last month for the historic homes tour. I was amazed at the number of volunteers helping making the tour so enjoyable. But best were the people who came to my rescue.


Several questions raised in Democratic debates

Well, the first of the Democratic debates is behind us and I am anxious to get answers to a few questions the debate left me with. As someone who did not go to college, why should I, as a U.S. taxpayer be expected to pay for someone who did go?


Thanks for sending cards for 100th birthday

I want to express my thanks to all my family and friends who responded to my 100th birthday.


Democratic Party embracing Marxist ideas

To risk a cliche, members of our Greatest Generation who have passed must be turning over in their graves at the transformation of the Democratic Party.


Thanks for help changing tire

On Friday, May 31, I had a tire blow out on State Street near 59th Street outside of Quincy.


Now is the time to speak out for the unborn

Recently I contacted several people and churches about displaying a "right to life" sign. Now is the time to speak out for the unborn.


Thousands treated for fireworks injuries each year

Federal, state and local laws and ordinances restrict -- and often prohibit -- the use of fireworks. Despite these limitations, hospitals treat thousands of firework-related injuries every year.

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