Station 6 firefighters have made lifesaving calls

Dear City of Quincy Alderman and Administration: Please don't close Firehouse Number 6 at 24th and Cedar again.

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Quincy needs permanent solution to waste services

I am writing to comment on the article regarding Quincy trash services in the Oct. 27, 2019, edition. Serving as an alderman for 16 years, city waste service has been discussed multiple times.


Planters around Quincy lift spirits for care put into them

A year or two ago, I remember reading a letter to the editor from someone who thought the new planters in the city of Quincy were ugly.


Enmity between Turkey, Kurds has been brewing

I am writing regarding the furor over Turkey's invasion of the Kurds. Several years ago, I sent gospel letters into Turkey for a Christian mission called Friends of Turkey. In return I received their newsletters.


Many thanks to those who helped at Illinois Veterans Home

So much is going on at Illinois Veterans Home. Building renovation and new construction ($230 million) across the grounds will enhance the already exceptional care residents at our flagship facility receive.


Issues of importance regarding marijuana crops are emerging

Napa Valley, Calif., government recently passed a law banning the growing of marijuana in vineyards. Apparently, pesticides and fungicides used by marijuana growers are damaging the grape harvest.


Thanks for 80th birthday greetings

This is to thank everyone who attended the party on July 6 at Good Samaritan Home for my 80th birthday.


Saying prayers might ward off trouble

I'm a nonagenarian now, and most of the pleasures I enjoyed when I was young have long fled to that nebulous region in the sky that is often called limbo.


Data manipulated to obscure truth from Americans

Is this world nothing more than an ever-changing kaleidoscope of ugly manipulated data? Sadly, yes.


We need innovations to encourage recycling

Why has a neighbor given up on recycling aluminum, steel, plastic food containers, paper magazines, church bulletins the list goes on and on?

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