Steve Eighinger

Time to reinstate the honorary bobbleheads

By Herald-Whig
Posted: Nov. 5, 2019 12:01 am

Today we are reinstating a tradition that called this space home about 10 years ago -- honorary bobbleheads for local individuals whose contributions may have long been overlooked.

Time-honored traditions like a gold watch or plaque have gradually disappeared, replaced by the ultimate new-age trophy -- the bobblehead doll. I've picked the first group of bobblehead recipients from an initial list of about 100 candidates.

The bobblehead accolades, of course, are not real in a physical sense, simply in spirit. Just imagine with me the following individuals' heads -- accented by a huge smile --atop a body that is constantly bobbing. And bobbing. And bobbing ...

Please welcome the first class of the new bobblehead fraternity:

Phil Conover: Phil's the guy who guided Quincy University through an extremely tough time a few years ago. Asked to serve as QU president during a period when the school was in dire financial straits, he not only served, he led. Few people will ever know how important his positive attitude and leadership were. Phil has also been extremely active in the United School District.

Why this bobblehead would be unique: Phil's bobblehead would be sitting atop some sort of riding lawn mower. During his time at QU, he frequently talked about looking forward to getting back to "mowing his land" in the Mendon area.

Laura Sievert: There are not many people whose schedule is more active than the executive director of the Quincy Society of Fine Arts. If there is a local cause Laura can help, she will. And does.

Why this bobblehead would be unique: Laura's bobbing, never-still head would be a perfect punctuation of her personality. Like the bobblehead, she never rests.

Rick Davis: I've always been impressed with the local realtor's commitment to his community. He has a genuine concern for both the property and people of this area.

Why this bobblehead would be unique: Rick's bobblehead would be holding a Davis Realty desktop calendar, which he is famous for handing out each Christmas season.

Alta King: Alta is another person with the perfect job. Her outgoing and friendly spirit are perfect for her position with the Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce.

Why this bobblehead would be unique: Alta's bobblehead would be holding some sort of classic rock album. The lady has an impressive LP collection.

Jeff Carter: No matter how busy, Jeff always finds time to talk with his customers at Summy Tire. Unfortunately, that trait is not evident in all business owners.

Why this bobblehead would be unique: Jeff's bobblehead would come with -- and without -- a beard, depending on what season of the year it is.

Bruce Guthrie: Bruce has done a marvelous job as executive director of the District, the downtown area of Quincy that becomes more of a destination point each and every year.

Why this bobblehead would be unique: It would be a talking bobblehead, one you could ask questions to about the NBA. Bruce's son, Zak, is an assistant coach with the Utah Jazz, and Bruce formerly worked for 25 years in the front office of the San Antonio Spurs.