Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers: Reported Oct. 13, 2019

Posted: Oct. 13, 2019 12:01 am

Real estate transfers recorded in the office of Adams County clerk and recorder


Nancy R. Powers, property at 738 S. 21st St., to Tad M. Leubbehusen.

Joe M. Guzman and Gloria Z. Guzman, property at 3411 Lyric Lane, to Joe M. Guzman.

Niemann Enterprises LLC, property at 1132 N. Ninth St., to Amy L. Green.

WCM Properties LLC, property at 610 Maine St., to TBRK Properties LLC.

John David Kinder, property at 3001 Cabot Road, to Jeri L. Schuster and John P. Schuster.

Andrew R. Wolter, property at 1311 Stone Creek Drive, to Glenn G. Beckman.

Diana L. Bleimehl and Diana L. Klingele, property at 2123 Ohio St., to Kaylyn Gaulden and Justin C. Poage.

Diane K. Bloss and Jeffrey M. Bloss, property at 2039 W. Wilmar Drive, to Gerese K. Elbe and Michael L. Elbe.

Charmaine Osmond and Dion G. Osmond, property at 4706 Caleb Lane, to Janice L. Riley and Randall R. Riley.

Adam J. Klingele and Lauren A. Klingele, property in 1100 Madonna Drive, to Anthony Charles Hendren.

Cheryl L. Burgtorf and Warren D. Burgtorf, property at 1100 N. Fifth St., to Steven W. Shubert and Vicky C. Shubert.

Big Picture Development LLC, property at 232 N. 12th St., to Teera property Solutions LLC.

AMB Real Estate Holdgins LLC, property at 3135 Brentwood Drive, to Tavish Nolan and Roderick Rudd Jr.

Benjamin E. Browning, property at 2025 Washington St., to Faith Renee Pettitt.

Lucas A. Ayers, property at 227 S. 11th St., to Natalie Ann Bruun and Douglas Michael Ness.

Bank of Springfield, property at 2033 Cherry St., to TJ Rentals LLC.

Chell A. Threet, property in Quincy, to Jared A. Root and Amanda M. Trapini.

Janell S. Lohmeyer, property at 2933 Oak St., to Deidre Ann Weerts.

Nathan S. Williams, property at 1826 Hazelwood Court, to Marcus Landes.

Ruby R. Cowell, property at 1025 Klondike Road, to Jacob Dietrich.

Alok P. Patel and Jessica Snowden Patel, property at 1641 Hampshire St., to Omar Tahir.

Kevin Hamann Construction Inc., property at 708 Brookfield Road, to Anita J. Cowen and Timothy K. Cowen.

Nellie Ida Pruett Estate, Linda Nettles Parker, executor, property in Quincy, to Matthew John Bilgri.

Cynthia A. Rossiter and Steven R. Rossiter, property at 706 Madison St., to Uptown Properties Inc.

Andrew J. Vonderhaar and Kelsey Vonderhaar, property at 406 Holly Drive, to Amy S. Carper and Donald Thomas Repko.

Gregory J. Lee and Susan L. Lee, property at 2523 Maine St., to Alfred C. Eliason and Sharon M. Eliason.

Paul E. Workman, property at 928-930 S. 10th St., to Redstart Properties LLC.

Edward L. Pollock Jr., property in Quincy, to Dana J. Keppner.

Calvin Stinnett and Marla Stinnett, property at 918 Jefferson St., to Alex Stinnett and Lacy Stinnett.

Dottie Jean Buckman and Stephen William Buckman, property at 2812 W. Bluff Court, to Dottie Jean Buckman.

Elaine H. Herbert, property at 5035 Lake Ridge Drive, to Michelle H. Moore and Todd J. Moore.

McFarland Inc., property at 4614 Trinity Lakes Drive, to Josue D. Acevedo.

Deborah K. Middendorf and Royce R. Middendorf, property at 1610 S. 36th St., to Joseph F. Whitley and Sandra S. Whitley.

Justin B. Brock and Whitney A. Brock, property at 1607 Manor Hill Drive, to Timothy S. Smith.

Katherine A. Bowen, Richard D. Bowen, Gary D. Sparks and Sherry L. Sparks, property in Quincy, to Leslie A. Lloyd and Lyman A. Rife.

Tyler E. Kaufmann, property at 818 S. 23rd St., to John A. Spake and Timothy B. Spake.

Roxanne Y. Gioviannia, property at 610 Jefferson, to Anthony J. Gioviannia and Roxanne Y. Gioviannia.

Adams County

Kelly K. Burgtorf and Samuel S. Burgtorf, property at 1413 Northstar, Riverside Township, to Adam D. Niekamp and Nichol M. Niekamp.

Gerald W. Neumann, property at 5315 Columbus Road, Ellington Township, to Dennis R. Peters and Eric R. Peters.

Billy Cantrell and Tasha N. Hiland, property at 312 N. Illinois St., Camp Point, to Cody M. Ripperda.

Carmelita S. Reeves and Coby S. Reeves, property at 1822 E. 1635th St., Honey Creek Township, to Dallas D. English.

Dennis E. Redd and Tami L. Redd, property at 1535 Melview Road, to Marianne L. McClain and Anthony J. Pangi Jr.

Chris Cantwell and Tammy Cantwell, property in McKee Township, to Patricia Helen Gramke and Craig Steven Gramke Revocable Trust, Craig Steven Gramke and Patricia Helen Gramke, trustees.

Liberty Bank, property in Liberty Township, to Trevor Birkmeier and Valerie Birkmeier.

Veronica Kaye Kayser and Scott Michael Nichols, property at 402 S. Chestnut St., Mendon, to Todd W. Steinkamp.

Richard M. Kasparie, property at 4790 N. 24th St., Ellington Township, to Lynette K. Buck, Richard M. Kasparie and Leah K. Wuesternberg.

Amanda L. Norvell and David G. Norvell, property at 337 N. Kentucky St., Camp Point, to Cheryl A. Krus and Wayne A. Krus.

Sheryl Ann Clayton and Scott G. Clayton, property at 3312 Locust St., Ellington Township, to Scott G. Clayton.

Ramona S. Schoonover and Scott J. Schoonover, property in Liberty Township, to Beverly Gail Schoonover and Paul R. Schoonover.

First Bankers Trust Co. N.A., property at 408 N. Range Line St., Ursa, to Austin B. Goughnour and Brittany L. Scheiter.

Barbara A. Cooper and Barbara A. Morrow, property at 394 E. 2050th St., Richfield Township, to Richard Cooper, Donald Leasman and Barbara A. Morrow.

Monica Leight Pyatt and Stuart Lee Pyatt, property at 2301 S. 57th St., Melrose Township, to Jordan Genenbacher and Morgan Venvertloh.