Thanks to those who helped make Makerfest a success

Posted: Oct. 6, 2019 1:10 am

To The Herald-Whig:

Last week the third annual Makerfest connected over 400 students from 14 regional high schools and a number of community residents with the major manufacturing and logistics companies in our area. I would like to add some additional information to the excellent article in the Thursday, Oct. 3, Herald Whig.

This event would not have been a success without a number of important partners of the Great River Economic Development Foundation. Dick Tabb and Kathleen Rogers from John Wood Community College and Gena Finley and Evelyn Morrison from Quincy Area Vocational and Technical Center are a critical part of the planning and execution of this huge undertaking, working very closely with Angela Caldwell, workforce director for GREDF in every facet of the event. This has been an ongoing partnership in all three of the Makerfests held to date. I want to recognize all of those who make this a critically important event for the future workforce in Quincy and Adams County.

Marcel W. Wagner Jr.

President, Great River Economic Development Foundation