Trump not interested in solving domestic terrorism

Posted: Sep. 6, 2019 3:20 pm

To The Herald-Whig:

Now it seems in the aftermath or our recent domestic terrorism incidents, President Donald Trump is backing off in his willingness to support increased background checks for firearm purchases. Mr. Trump states that it is mental health issues that need to be improved, and it is not the weapon that is killing people but the person who pulls the trigger. Couldn't we make the person who pulls the trigger pull the trigger 100 times rather than four or five times? And make the person have to reload six or eight times to get off 100 shots?

What can be more important? Making a few dollars in your 401(k) or lives being lost or injured due to domestic terrorism? The next life involved could be your niece or nephew. Your grandchild. Or maybe even you. Mr. Trump does not seem too interested in solving the problem. Without tackling all sides of the problem, our efforts to improve the situation will fall way short of any real solution. Whether you hate Mr. Trump or love Mr. Trump, if you care about reducing or eliminating domestic terrorism, you obviously cannot support or vote for Mr. Trump for another term for president.

Glen Phillips

Pittsfield, Ill.