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Fire Department to flush hydrants

Posted: Apr. 13, 2019 12:01 am Updated: Apr. 13, 2019 11:20 pm

QUINCY -- The Quincy Fire Department plans to flush fire hydrants for flow-testing purposes at a dozen locations this week.

Jeffrey Conte, director of utilities and engineering, said residents in the areas where flushing takes place may experience low water pressure or water discoloration. He said these conditions will be temporary, and the water will remain safe for use and consumption at all times.

Anyone with questions is asked to call the Department of Utilities at 228-4580.

Hydrants will be flushed at these locations:

º 30th and Hampshire

º 2900 Vermont

º 20th and Chestnut

º 17th and Lind

º 25th and Lind

º 25th and Chestnut

º 29th and Chestnut

º 27th and Oak

º 18th and Oak

º 22nd and Elm

º 27th and Elm

º 19th and College.

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