Earth is actually a small crowded ship we all occupy

Posted: Nov. 7, 2018 10:20 am

To The Herald-Whig:

This is directed to us all: It starts with this one country of ours.

Look around us. Look as if we see all of us, our land and sky, our water and air, the teeming life beside and within us. Consider the need for unspoiled weather, vibrant, healthy space and the opportunity given by good health care, sound education and a livable wage.

The ship in which we travel, our own whole Earth, is actually a very small and crowded space we all share. What touches one touches us all.

Today, we should ask ourselves this simple question: Do we share this country, this world, as the people we ought to be? If our first thoughts are not selfish, singular ones, is it not demanded of us that every action we take, every service we render, is driven by care, decency, inclusion and love? We ought to be tired of violence, murder, neglect, abandonment and cruel incivility toward one another.

We cannot afford endless argument with no solutions. Given our highest religious and moral ideals, we ought to move forward as if everything we are and all our hopes for a long and prosperous future depend on how we act together.

By the grace of God, in this moment, it does.

Carol Nichols