Rauner has been ally to Illinois businesses

Posted: Oct. 11, 2018 12:00 pm

To The Herald-Whig:

Viewing recent political commercials questioning Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner's performance, I wish to set the record straight regarding his accomplishments from my company's perspective.

Prior to Rauner's election we did not see state government as an ally in the success of businesses. Past governors took the investment and community involvement that companies like mine provide for granted.

Rauner has fought to make Illinois a better place to create and expand jobs. Critical to my company and my employees is that he has focused on stopping state government from being an impediment to our success by vetoing legislation that would increase unnecessary regulation and costs that businesses in other states do not incur, thus helping us keep our people employed with good wages and benefits.

Because of roadblocks the majorities in the General Assembly put in front of the governor's efforts to bring Illinois back to financial stability, it's understandable his legislative successes at the Capitol have been limited.

However, behind the scenes, Rauner's appointments to lead state agencies that we deal with have made significant strides improving interaction with companies like mine.

Those who believe Rauner has made few accomplishments, this construction contractor is aware of the following accomplishments important to my company doing business in Illinois:

º Vetoed the increase of the income tax to 4.95 percent.

º Reduced Illinois' unemployment insurance taxes on employers by $1 billion.

º Developed and implemented the most modern and efficient unemployment insurance tax system in the country.

º Reduced state government regulations by 15 percent.

º Appointed professional, qualified commissioners and arbitrators at the Workers' Compensation Commission, bringing fairness, predictability and stability to workers' compensation.

º While the governor's efforts to enact workers' compensation reform have been stymied by the legislature, his vetoing of "fake" workers' compensation reform has led to workers' compensation advisory rates being reduced by nearly 42 percent.

º Rescinded the Blagojevich executive order regarding mandatory project labor agreements, bringing greater bid competition and saving taxpayers significant costs on projects.

Rauner has accomplished much that is important to construction contractors when it comes to making decisions of whether to invest or expand in Illinois. Don't let anyone try to tell you otherwise.

Gerald A. Maas