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DAILY BLOTTER: July 10, 2018

Posted: Jul. 10, 2018 8:25 am

From logs emailed by the Quincy Police Department at 4:55 p.m. July 9 and 5:16 a.m. July 10.

18-18809 Arrest Traffic Angel M E Dean, (23) of Quincy, citation for Seat Belt Required at 2nd and Chestnut on 7/9.

18-18793 Arrest Traffic Christina M Vonderheide, (50) of Quincy, citation for Disobey Stop Sign at 54th and Oak on 7/9.

18-18803 arrest/lodged Tiwana L Norris -Brandon 43, 706 Jefferson for felony revoked and uninsured vehicle. Towed by Auto Salvage.

18-18803 arrest/lodged Tiwana L Norris-Brandon 43, 706 Jefferson for felony driving revo

18-18314 Theft Robert E Morgan, (64) of Quincy, reports the theft of a green 20" Next brand bicycle from 416 Cedar on 7/1.

18-18858 Arrest Elanda M Neese (42) 404 Cedar for violation of OP at 5/Chestnut on 7/9/18. Lodged

18-18826 Arrest Joshua D Patchin (34) for Dom Battery that occurred on 7/9/18 at 217 N 10th. Lodged

18-18214 Crim Damage Carl W Buckwalter (42) reported his blakc 2017 Ford F-250 was egged while parked at his residence between 6/30-7/4/18.

18-16661 Crim Damage Riki Hickey (35) reported damage to her 19" Michelin tire while parked at 524 Payson Ave between 6/19-6/20/18.

18-18263 Crim Damage Miranda Hester (25) reported that the driver's side window of her blue Chevrolet was shattered on 7/4/18 while parked at 1001 N 5th.

18-18216 Drive Off Jason Cain of Murphy USA, 5217 Broadway, reported a red Ford SUV with Missouri plates drove off without paying for $36 in gas on 7/4/18. Suspect is a white male.

18-16682 Theft Under Patrick Morris (26) reported a 50" Element television and a box of $500 scraps stolen from 301 N 48th St. The items were unsecured near his storage unit.

18-18847 Traffic Arrest Thomas L H Rice (41) 1417 N 4th for DWLS and operating an uninsured motor vehicle. Cash

18-18837 Traffic Arrest Amber E Dunne (36) for child restraint violation <8 at 10/Hampshire on 7/9/18. NTA

Warrant Arrests Kevin R Fountain Jr (28) for FTA Theft and FTA Vandalism at 7/Cedar on 7/9/18 Lodged

April D Wiley (39) for FTA Poss of Drug Paraphernalia at ACJ on 7/9/18. Lodged

Ira Emerson Jr (22) for FTA Vandalism at ACJ. Lodged

Trevor W Moncrief (32) for Adams County warrant for Animal torture, agg cruelty to animals, cruel treatment to animals, FTA - unlicensed, and a St. Louis County parole vio warrant at 5/Cedar. Lodged

Monte L Scott (50) for FTA Battery at 601 Oak. Lodged

Amber E Dunne (36) for Adams County warrant for contempt of court. Lodged

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