THE REV. SAYS: God works a miracle

Posted: Jul. 7, 2018 12:01 am

Sometimes I look at my world, and it seems drab and depressing. And then, there are times when there is color everywhere, and my eyes behold a world of excitement and marvelous beauty.

God works a miracle, and it is not just because some times the world is more beautiful than at others, but because there are times when my heart is open and times when it is not.

As the Lord did his work upon the earth, we hear God's people saying, "It is a miracle ... behold, a miracle!" God has never changed his miracle-working work in our world. But it is only the heart of faith that sees it.

Do you see any miracles working in your church? Are folks asking for more Bible studies? Are some people reaching out to share their faith? Here and there are there people who begin to care that pews are bare and folks are absent from the Lord's house? Are some beginning to get serious about their own attendance? Praise the Lord! God is still working a miracle in our town. The miracles are there for us to feel. The only question remains, "Are we open to receive and accept them in faith?"


Francis Guither, a pastor for 46 years, is the author of seven books. Guither is retired and lives in Quincy at Good Samaritan Home with his wife Katharine. His most recent church was Carthage United Methodist.