Dot Foods to open employee health center in Mount Sterling

Posted: Jun. 14, 2018 9:55 am

MOUNT STERLING, Ill. -- Dot Foods announced the location of its new Family Health Center Monday.

The Health Center, which will be available to employees, will be built in the 100-block of W. Main. Demolition of the buildings at 102 and 106 W. Main is underway and is expected to take three to four weeks. Dot plans to construct a new two-story building on the lots while simultaneously renovating the First National Bank Building at 100 W. Main.

"This project represents a major investment in both our employees and their families, and the Mount Sterling community," said Pat Tracy, former Dot Foods Chairman. "The Uptown Revitalization project has long been close to my family's hearts. Mount Sterling is always home for the Tracys and for Dot, and we want to do whatever possible to help our community thrive."

The first floor of the new building Dot is constructing will serve as the Mount Sterling Family Health Center. The first floor of the renovated First National Bank Building will be retail space. The second floor of both buildings will be developed as two-bedroom apartments and parking will be added.

Mount Sterling City Administrator Vada Yingling said the buildings Dot is demolishing have been safety concerns for years.

"The new health clinic may be for Dot employees and their families, but it's going to bring more foot traffic Uptown which is good for existing businesses and new ones considering the area," Yingling said. "Anytime you bring people into town, it creates positive impacts."

The Health Center is scheduled to open in late 2019. It will be Dot's fourth on or near-site health center. Services offered will include condition management and education for high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and more. Patients will also be able to get annual physicals, wellness screenings, CDL certification, lab work, flu vaccines, generic prescriptions and physical therapy.

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