Steve Eighinger

The spring lunch group should be interesting

By Herald-Whig
Posted: May. 31, 2018 9:15 am

It's lunch time -- again.

This is the annual spring edition of "Let's Go To Lunch (with Steve)," the second of four virtual noontime dates with local and national names in the news.

For those who have not followed this concept for the last decade, we head to our favorite haunts once in the spring, summer, fall and winter. This time we'll be breaking bread with:

º Terry Traeder: The Quincy businessman deserves major plaudits for resurrecting the Grand Prix of Karting, which will wind through South Park in mid-June. Terry's dad, the late Gus Traeder, founded the event back in the 1970s, and it's nice to see it making a comeback. Lunch at: Pop's Pizza, which is just down the street from Terry's TNT Golf Car and Motorsports business in downtown Quincy. This would be a perfect venue to go over some last-minute Grand Prix details. Plus, Terry loves the cinnamon sticks.

º LeBron James: What LeBron has accomplished this year is amazing, single-handedly taking a ragtag bunch of Cleveland Cavaliers to the NBA Finals. Fellow staff writerAshley Szatala, an Ohio native, once gave LeBron a high five when she was in junior high. Lunch at: Maid Rite, where I would introduce LeBron to the sandwich that is one of Quincy's true delicacies.

º Ray Wilson: Ray and the Quincy Optimist Club have taken the local Soap Box Derby to a new level in recent summers. This year's event, scheduled June 8 and 9, will likely feature an unprecedented 200 participants from the area. Lunch at: Native Grill, the newest restaurant along the Quincy waterfront, has a club sandwich that is a favorite of Ray's.

º Jeff Van Gundy: Speaking of the NBA Finals, I would love to sit down with Van Gundy, who is the most entertaining and knowledgeable of basketball analysts. Lunch at: After listening to Van Gundy for years, I am certain he would be right at home at the Golden Corral, especially the dessert area and that chocolate pie, which (unofficially) requires a two-piece minimum.

º Kyle Moore: When the mayor and I have lunch, never once is there a word about politics mentioned. It's always about baseball, specifically our two favorite teams -- the mayor loves the Dodgers, and I root for the Indians. In the land of the Cardinals and Cubs, the two of us are definitely in the minority. Lunch at: O'Shea's, where the house burger and fries is always a great selection.

º Mark Harmon: He plays Leroy Jethro Gibbs on "NCIS," and for 15 years he has been one of TV's most intriguing characters. I have plenty of questions for him that I need answered. Lunch at: Que Town BBQ. Harman was a quarterback at UCLA and plays an ex-Marine on "NCIS," so I'm sure the Que Town BBQ menu would be inviting.

º Mike Marx: Mike and his associates in Hannibal, Mo., are putting together quite a cast of guests for the Mark Twain Nostalgic Film Festival on Aug. 13 to 15. If you're from the baby boomer generation, this will be a great event. Lunch at: Finn's in Hannibal, which offers some incredibly tasty shrimp.

º Andrew Lincoln: The star of AMC's mega-successful "The Walking Dead" zombie thriller is leaving the show after next season. We're going to have to have a long talk at this lunch because "Dead" is my favorite program. Lunch at: Tiramisu, the home of "Italian comfort food." And we'll eat everything on the menu until he changes his mind about leaving the show.