GRADUATES: John Wood Community College-Nursing

Posted: May. 23, 2018 2:15 pm Updated: May. 23, 2018 4:39 pm


John Wood Community College


Jennifer Cassens of Camp Point

Tanner Crisp of Quincy

Jennifer Dennis of Pittsfield

Kristina Fessler of Liberty

Rosemary Hatfield of Quincy

Matthew Hayden of Quincy

Kaitlyn Hocking of Plainville

Lindsay Hoebing of Mendon

Harley Huether of Bluffs

Joshua Moore of Rushville

Laura Moyer of Ottumwa, Iowa

Lauren Mueller of Quincy

Jena Schaffer of Quincy

Emily Schwedes of Quincy

Carley Simmons of Mendon

Tracey Smith of Quincy

Kelsey Stephens of Liberty

McKenna Uplinger of Quincy



Jennifer Benavidez of Quincy

Tiffany Brooks of Pittsfield

Evan Colston of Barry

Donna Cramsey of Quincy

Leigh Crane of Nebo

Kendra Davis of Clayton

Leah Drebenstedt of Maywood, Mo.

Diana Harris of Barry

Ranesiah Hinojosa of Hannibal, Mo.

Mary Hopkins of Naples

Meagen Hufford of Quincy

Ashley McCaughey of Quincy

Madelyn Meyers of Palmyra, Mo.

Emily Mitchell of Hannibal, Mo.

Faith Pettit of Palmyra, Mo.

Desirae Reimers of Pittsfield

Joshua Sherman of Hannibal, Mo.

Samantha Smith of Quincy

Taylor Steffen of Quincy

Olivia Sullivan of Quincy

Sidney Sutton of Canton, Mo.

Kaylee Ussery of Augusta

Francesca Weathers of Hannibal, Mo.

Lacey White of Hannibal, Mo.

Michelle Wortman of Quincy

Courtney Zimmerman of Bluffs

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