Nature, parents teach lessons on living full life

Posted: May. 18, 2018 3:50 pm

To The Herald-Whig:

This story is strange, but so very true, you will wonder! As some of you know, my father, Russell Heindselman, passed away Aug. 8, 2016. After his passing, our youngest son moved the wine that Dad had started to his house to finish the fermenting process. Dad had a favorite feathered friend, and it was the bluebird. He created several trails on both public and private property for others to view his friends.

A couple of days after moving the wine, a male bluebird started building a nest in a corner of Zach's deck. Being a nature lover, he left him alone but wondered why the bird was building the nest so late. No female came that year or in all of 2017, although the male bluebird built a fine second nest.

Then tragedy struck again and our mother died in a vehicular accident Jan. 20, 2018. Mom had specified that her remains be cremated, and the family decided that rather than have a cold service at the cemetery, we would wait until warm weather to inter the remains. The date was decided to be May 12, 2018, the day before Mother's Day.

This spring the male bluebird returned and built again, even though he had failed to attract a mate in previous years at this location. Upon returning home from the service for Mom, Zach, and his wife, Shannon, walked into the house and one of them looked out onto the deck and lo and behold, there was a female bluebird, along with the male, standing on the deck rail. One of them thought fast enough to get a picture.

You can draw your own conclusions, but we know what we think. God bless! And remember, live life to its fullest and try to leave it better than when you came. I am positive our parents did their very best to do just that!


Greg Heindselman

Lewistown, Mo.