Chaddock wins award for in-home program to help youth, families

Posted: May. 15, 2018 10:50 am

QUINCY -- Chaddock's In-Home Intensive program has received the Innovation Award from the United Methodist Association, a group of health and welfare ministries across the United States.

The Innovation Award was one of several awards presented at the UMA annual meeting held in Nashville, Tenn.

Chaddock's In-Home Intensive program is designed to address the needs of children struggling with attachment issues and developmental trauma disorder. It goes beyond the services available with weekly outpatient therapy and residential treatment, especially for children with repeated psychiatric hospitalization.

Since its launch, the In-Home Intensive program has reached children and families from 10 states with services affecting more than 100 individuals. Three out of four children in the program have avoided further psychiatric hospitalizations or admission to a residential treatment center.

"The In-Home Intensive program allows Chaddock to serve families far beyond our Quincy campus and provide support for the whole family," said Debbie Reed, Chaddock's president and CEO. "In most cases, our team can help a family get on the right treatment trajectory without having to remove the child from the home."

During the program, a master's level licensed therapist and a parent coach work in the home providing individual and family therapy, parent training and coaching. Intensive teams are specially trained in the evidenced-based trauma and attachment interventions proven successful in Chaddock's residential Developmental Trauma and Attachment Program and spend 8 to 10 hours a day for up to four consecutive days with each family. The team's expertise in evidenced-based clinical models and behavior management strategies allows the family to build a better relationship with the child. Teams model effective strategies and train parents to put clinical theories into practice. By delivering services in the home, therapists gain insights and keep the child in their most comfortable setting.

More information on Chaddock's In-Home Intensive Program is available at

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