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What could Illinois football districts look like?

By Herald-Whig
Posted: May. 2, 2018 4:05 am Updated: May. 2, 2018 4:15 am

The IHSA Football Advisory Committee is offering a change to the football playoffs. Teams now qualify for the playoffs by earning five regular-season victories, but the committee is offering a plan that calls for teams to be assigned to eight-team or nine-team districts. The eight football classes would have eight districts based upon enrollment and geography.

So what could the districts look like?

The enrollments used below were used for the 2017 football season. The classes were made by dividing all of the football teams in the state evenly. Click here to see how this was done. 

Dividing every team in the state into eight classes based on enrollment is easy. Separating those teams into eight districts based on geography is not. Here's one person's attempt pull it off.

Time didn't allow me to take a stab at Class 3A, Class 5A or Class 8A.

And remember: If this proposal passes, the teams would be re-assigned to districts every two years.


(Note: Finding a spot for Jacksonville Routt proved to be impossible, so if you're reading this and you live in Jacksonville, I'm sorry. I'm going to let the IHSA figure out which teams to move so Routt doesn't have to play a handful of games in the Bloomington area.)

Enrollment Team Current Conference

101.00 Orangeville Northwest Upstate Illini (Upstate)

246.00 Dakota Northwest Upstate Illini (Northwest)

112.00 Warren Northwest Upstate Illini (Upstate)

190.00 Stockton Northwest Upstate Illini (Upstate)

203.00 East Dubuque Northwest Upstate Illini (Northwest)

239.00 Galena (H.S.) Northwest Upstate Illini (Northwest)

144.00 Hanover (River Ridge) Northwest Upstate Illini (Upstate)

226.00 Lena (L.-Winslow) Northwest Upstate Illini (Northwest)


165.00 Freeport (Aquin) Northwest Upstate Illini (Upstate)

155.00 Ashton (A.-Franklin Center) Northwest Upstate Illini (Upstate)

174.00 Milledgeville Northwest Upstate Illini (Upstate)

268.00 Forreston Northwest Upstate Illini (Northwest)

185.00 Polo Northwest Upstate Illini (Upstate)

280.00 Morrison Three Rivers (Rock)

249.00 Cambridge [Ridgewood Coop] Lincoln Trail

287.00 Kewanee (Wethersfield) [A.-Wethersfield Coop] Lincoln Trail


276.00 South Beloit Northeastern Athletic

254.10 Ottawa (Marquette) Northeastern Athletic

92.00 Mooseheart Northeastern Athletic

170.00 Kirkland (Hiawatha) Northeastern Athletic

146.00 Chicago (Robeson) Chicago Public, Illini (Heartland)

165.00 Chicago (Harper) Chicago Public, Chicago (Great Lakes)

167.00 Chicago (Douglass) Chicago Public, Chicago (Second City)

259.00 Melrose Park (Walther Christian) Metro Suburban (Red)


206.00 Edwardsville (Metro-East Lutheran) Independent Schools

169.00 Madison Independent Schools

203.00 Hardin (Calhoun) [Coop] Western Illinois Valley (South)

221.00 Pleasant Hill [Coop] Western Illinois Valley (South)

281.00 Dupo Prairie State

234.00 Greenfield [G.-Northwestern Coop] Western Illinois Valley (South)

235.00 White Hall (North Greene) Western Illinois Valley (South)

212.00 Carrollton Western Illinois Valley (South)

243.00 Winchester [West Central Coop] Western Illinois Valley (South)


203.00 Decatur (D. Lutheran) [Coop] Little Okaw Valley (Northwest)

264.00 Cerro Gordo [C.G.-Bement Coop] Little Okaw Valley (Northwest)

283.00 Argenta (A.-Oreana) Little Okaw Valley (Northwest)

284.00 Arthur (A.-Lovington-Atwood-Hammond) Little Okaw Valley (Northwest)

215.00 Arcola Little Okaw Valley (Northwest)

246.00 Moweaqua (Central A & M) Central Illinois

269.00 Macon (Meridian) Central Illinois

186.00 Fisher Heart of Illinois (Small)


227.00 Princeville Lincoln Trail

264.00 Toulon (Stark County) Lincoln Trail

255.00 Biggsville (West Central) Lincoln Trail

220.00 Lewistown Prairieland (Black)

211.00 Astoria [South Fulton Coop] Prairieland (Black)

264.00 Abingdon (A.-Avon) Prairieland (Black)

184.00 Mt. Sterling (Brown County) Western Illinois Valley (North)

241.00 Camp Point (Central) Western Illinois Valley (North)

213.00 Concord (Triopia) [Coop] Western Illinois Valley (North)


231.00 LeRoy Heart of Illinois (Small)

270.00 Heyworth Heart of Illinois (Small)

286.00 Colfax (Ridgeview) [Coop] Heart of Illinois (Large)

287.00 Farmer City (Blue Ridge) [Coop] Independent Schools

281.00 Gilman (Iroquois West) Sangamon Valley

263.00 Kincaid (South Fork) [Coop] Prairie State

165.00 Nokomis Prairie State

161.00 Jacksonville (Routt) [Coop] Western Illinois Valley (North)


269.00 Bridgeport (Red Hill) Little Illini

278.00 Catlin (Salt Fork) Vermilion Valley

280.00 Albion (Edwards County) Black Diamond

112.00 Martinsville Little Okaw Valley (Southeast)

207.00 Palestine [Coop] Little Okaw Valley (Southeast)

179.00 Oblong Little Okaw Valley (Southeast)

255.00 Oakland [Tri-County Coop] Little Okaw Valley (Southeast)

274.00 Toledo (Cumberland) Little Okaw Valley (Southeast)


(NOTE: Putting together the Class 2A districts wasn't too difficult, except there were five Chicago-area teams that didn't seem to fit anywhere. Again, let's see if the IHSA can do a better job.)

Enrollment Team Current Conference

305.00 Fithian (Oakwood) Vermilion Valley

314.00 Georgetown (G.-Ridge Farm) Vermilion Valley

327.00 Bismarck (B.-Henning-Rossville-Alvin) Vermilion Valley

307.00 Milford [Coop] Vermilion Valley

388.00 Westville Vermilion Valley

360.00 Villa Grove [V.G.-Heritage Coop] Little Okaw Valley (Southeast)

313.00 Tuscola Central Illinois

289.00 Warrensburg (W.-Latham) Central Illinois

323.00 Shelbyville Central Illinois


337.00 Minonk (Fieldcrest) Heart of Illinois (Large)

330.00 Mackinaw (Deer Creek-M.) Heart of Illinois (Large)

299.00 Tremont Heart of Illinois (Small)

305.00 Flanagan (F.-Cornell) [F.-Cornell-Woodland Coop] Heart of Illinois (Small)

328.00 Gibson City (G.C.-Melvin-Sibley) Heart of Illinois (Small)

341.00 Downs (Tri-Valley) Heart of Illinois (Large)

374.00 El Paso (E.P.-Gridley) Heart of Illinois (Large)

334.00 Clifton (Central) Sangamon Valley

381.00 Maroa (M.-Forsyth) Sangamo


337.00 Chicago (Collins) Chicago Public, Chicago (Big Shoulders)

313.00 Chicago (Bowen) Chicago Public, Chicago (Great Lakes)

299.00 Chicago (Uplift) Chicago Public, Illini (Heartland)

359.00 Chicago (Marshall) Chicago Public, Illini (Heartland)

368.00 Chicago (Corliss) Chicago Public, Chicago (Great Lakes)

349.80 Chicago (C. Hope Academy) Chicago Catholic (Red)

382.00 Chicago (Orr) Chicago Public, Chicago (Second City)

385.00 Chicago (CICS/Ellison) Chicago Public, Chicago (Great Lakes)


326.00 Port Byron (Riverdale) Three Rivers (Rock)

296.00 Fulton (H.S.) Three Rivers (Rock)

331.00 Manlius (Bureau Valley) Three Rivers (Rock)

367.00 Taylor Ridge (Rockridge) Three Rivers (Rock)

381.15 Sterling (Newman Central Catholic) Three Rivers (Rock)

344.00 Orion Three Rivers (Rock)

341.00 Savanna (West Carroll) Northwest Upstate Illini (Northwest)

348.00 Amboy [A.-LaMoille Coop] Northwest Upstate Illini (Northwest)

323.00 Lanark (Eastland) [E.-Pearl City Coop] Northwest Upstate Illini (Northwest)


311.00 Chester Black Diamond

334.00 Johnston City Black Diamond

358.00 Eldorado Black Diamond

370.00 Carmi (C.-White County) Black Diamond

376.00 McLeansboro (Hamilton County) Black Diamond

293.00 Casey (C.-Westfield) Little Illini

320.00 Lawrenceville Little Illini

372.00 Flora Little Illini

336.00 Sparta Southern Illinois River-to-River (Mississippi)


325.00 River Grove (Guerin) Metro Suburban (Red)

337.00 Palos Heights (Chicago Christian) Metro Suburban (Red)

376.00 Westchester (St. Joseph) Chicago Catholic (Red)

378.00 Rockford (R. Christian) Big Northern

339.00 Momence Sangamon Valley


324.00 Pawnee [Coop] Prairie State

337.00 Bunker Hill [South Mac Coop] Prairie State

318.00 Carlyle Cahokia

371.00 Red Bud Cahokia

364.00 Gillespie South Central

375.00 Staunton South Central

289.00 Athens Sangamo

387.00 Niantic (Sangamon Valley) [Coop] Little Okaw Valley (Northwest)


346.00 Carthage (Illini West) Prairieland (Blue)

353.00 Rushville (R.-Industry) Prairieland (Black)

330.00 Knoxville Prairieland (Black)

388.00 Sciota (West Prairie) [Bushnell-West Prairie Coop] Prairieland (Blue)

370.00 Hamilton [West Hancock Coop] West Central

380.00 Mendon (Unity) [Coop] Western Illinois Valley (North)

293.00 Monmouth (United) Lincoln Trail

386.00 Aledo (Mercer County) Lincoln Trail


NOTE: Former Herald-Whig staffer Andy Martinez helped sort out the Chicago schools for me. Quincy Notre Dame could go in multiple directions. I sent them north, but QND easily could go south ... or maybe even east.)

Enrollment Team Current Conference

716.00 Chicago (Agricultural Science) Chicago Public, Chicago (Great Lakes)

625.00 Chicago (Julian) Chicago Public, Chicago (Windy City)

648.00 Chicago (Urban Prep/Englewood) Chicago Public, Chicago (Windy City)

606.00 Chicago (DuSable) Chicago Public, Chicago (Windy City)

724.00 Chicago (Hyde Park) Chicago Public, Chicago (Windy City)

730.00 Chicago (Urban Prep/Bronzeville) Chicago Public, Chicago (Windy City)

554.00 Chicago (Dunbar) Chicago Public, Illini (Red Bird)

591.00 Chicago (South Shore) Chicago Public, Illini (Land of Lincoln)

733.00 Chicago (Clemente) Chicago Public, Chicago (Second City)


590.70 Elgin (St. Edward) Metro Suburban (Blue)

553.00 Mendota Big Northern

556.00 Chicago (Marine) Chicago Public, Chicago (Second City)

611.00 Chicago (Sullivan) Chicago Public, Chicago (Second City)

546.00 Chicago (Urban Prep/West) Chicago Public, Chicago (Second City)

540.00 Chicago (Clark) Chicago Public, Illini (Heartland)

684.75 Chicago (Raby) Chicago Public, Illini (Land of Lincoln)

624.00 Chicago (C. Military Academy-Bronzeville) [Coop] Chicago Public, Chicago (Great Lakes)


654.00 Johnsburg Kishwaukee River

581.00 Stillman Valley Big Northern

601.00 Genoa (G.-Kingston) Big Northern

727.00 Richmond (R.-Burton) Kishwaukee River

767.00 North Chicago Northern Lake County

678.00 Harvard Kishwaukee River

707.00 Marengo Kishwaukee River

618.75 Rockford (Lutheran) Big Northern

648.00 Rock Falls Big Northern


548.00 Vienna [V.-Goreville Coop] Black Diamond

542.00 Harrisburg Southern Illinois River-to-River (Ohio)

564.00 Benton Southern Illinois River-to-River (Ohio)

581.00 Carterville Southern Illinois River-to-River (Mississippi)

743.00 Murphysboro [Coop] Southern Illinois River-to-River (Ohio)

757.00 Herrin (H.S.) Southern Illinois River-to-River (Ohio)

591.00 Metropolis (Massac County) Southern Illinois River-to-River (Ohio)

669.00 Columbia Cahokia


686.40 Quincy (Notre Dame) West Central

581.00 Macomb West Central

709.50 Rock Island (Alleman) Western Big 6

722.00 Canton Mid-Illini

630.00 Peoria (Manual) Big Twelve

594.00 Havana [Coop] Prairieland (Blue)

554.00 Kewanee (H.S.) Three Rivers (Mississippi)

639.00 Chillicothe (Illinois Valley Central) Illini Prairie


537.00 Greenville South Central

542.00 Roxana South Central

568.00 Breese (Central) Cahokia

661.00 Freeburg Cahokia

689.70 Breese (Mater Dei) Independent Schools

633.60 Belleville (Althoff Catholic) South Seven

766.00 Bethalto (Civic Memorial) Mississippi Valley

544.00 Wood River (East Alton-W.R.) Prairie State


636.00 Coal City Interstate Eight (Large)

651.00 Manteno Interstate Eight (Large)

569.00 Herscher Interstate Eight (Large)

708.00 Sandwich Interstate Eight (Large)

717.00 Plano Interstate Eight (Large)

633.00 Hoopeston (H. Area) [Coop] Vermilion Valley

548.00 Watseka [Coop] Sangamon Valley

556.05 Kankakee (McNamara) Chicago Catholic (White)

647.00 West Chicago (Wheaton Academy) Metro Suburban (Blue)


555.00 Tolono (Unity) Illini Prairie

569.00 Fairbury (Prairie Central) Illini Prairie

667.00 Stanford (Olympia) [Coop] Illini Prairie

675.00 Pontiac Illini Prairie

607.00 Clinton Central Illinois

716.00 Effingham (H.S.) Apollo

733.00 Olney (Richland County) Little Illini

618.00 Paris Little Illini

697.00 Salem Cahokia


(NOTE: Not even going to try to organize Chicago schools into districts. There are 16 teams below I-80, and they fit into two districts. Quincy is on the 6A-7A border and could go into either one of these districts if necessary.)

Enrollment Team Current Conference

1253.00 Peoria (Richwoods) Big Twelve

1301.85 Peoria (Notre Dame) Big Twelve

1391.00 Peoria (H.S.) Big Twelve

1273.00 Dunlap Mid-Illini

1318.00 Washington Mid-Illini

1656.00 Rock Island (H.S.) Western Big 6

1668.00 East Moline (United) Western Big 6

1297.00 Galesburg (H.S.) Western Big 6


1257.00 Springfield (Lanphier) Central State Eight

1289.00 East St. Louis (Sr.) Southwestern

1371.00 Bloomington (H.S.) Big Twelve

1381.00 Chatham (Glenwood) Central State Eight

1427.00 Champaign (Centennial) Big Twelve

1509.00 Springfield (H.S.) Central State Eight

1533.00 Danville (H.S.) Big Twelve

1620.00 Normal (Community West) Big Twelve


(NOTE: Only eight teams in this class are below I-80.)

Enrollment Team Current Conference

1812.00 Granite City Southwestern

1824.00 Quincy (Sr.) Western Big 6

1924.00 Collinsville Southwestern

1927.00 Pekin Mid-Illini

2009.00 Alton (Sr.) Southwestern

2040.00 Moline (H.S.) Western Big 6

2123.00 Normal (Community) Big Twelve

2158.00 Belleville (West) Southwestern