Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers: Reported March 11, 2018

Posted: Mar. 10, 2018 12:01 am Updated: Mar. 11, 2018 12:00 am

Real estate transfers recorded in the office of Adams County clerk and recorder

Quincy Area

Andrea K. Cookson and Kelly K. Cookson, residence at 344 S. 24th, to David M. Roll and Lynette L. Roll.

Leah Dawn Shupe executor and Pamela M. Shupe Estate, residence at 625 Pawn Ave., to Jeffrey L. Kroner.

D. Aaron Coovert and Sara E. Coovert, residence at 1025 S. 11th, to Michael D. Barnes.

Bethany Knobloch, residence at 1627 Maine, to Jeff Knobloch.

Debora A. Million and Leonard A. Million, residence at 923 Jackson, to Andrew L. Million.

Joyce A. Stegeman and Steven R. Stegeman, residence at 1524 Curtis Creek Road, to Gary C. Johnson and Linda Lee Johnson.

Julie M. Little and Richard E. Little, residence at 2509 Drake Drive, to Mark E. Holman and Melissa A. Holman.

Aunda Paul, Dustin L. Paul and Aunda Wang, residence at 607 S. 21st, to Eric P. Booher.

Ellen F. Wellman and Gerald E. Wellman, residence at 1127 N. Eighth, to QTown Properties LLC.

David M. Friye and Kathi J. Friye, residence at 2348 Cherry Lane, to John W. Phillips and Tina R. Phillips.

Jill D. Lucey and Scott M. Lucey, property in Quincy, to Alysia L. Grawe and James B. Grawe.

Connie F. Vermeire and William J. Vermeire, residence at 1313 Spruce, to James L. Dunn, Jessica A. Dunn and Ruth D. Dunn.

KVB Hospitality Inc., property at 4122 Broadway, to VH 4122 Quincy Inc.

Richard L. Martin, Kevin W. McClean and Anthony E. Sassen, residence at 211 Cherry St., to Lucinda M. Kugler.

Bradley D. Kendrick and Caitlin P. Kendrick, residence at 1718 Adams, to Elyria B. Crowe and Stephen W. Crowe.

John Hill, Megan M. Hill and Megan M. Klodt, residence at 2924 Lind, to Kelly L. Arntzen and Marc E. Arntzen.

Heather Frisbie and John Frisbie, residence at 2021 Chestnut, to John Beck and Peggy Beck.

Bottorff Rentals LLC, residence at 1408 Spring, to Jamie A. Havens and Rachel A. Havens.

Duane Buhr Construction Inc., residence at 4619 Cortez Drive, to Ismail O. Lawal and Kafayat A. Lawal.

Larry D. Snyder and Linda D. Snyder, residence at 2843 Elm, to Logan Tennis.

Kristie Janelle Rees, Joshua D. Yetmar and Kristie Janelle Yetmar, residence at 815 Christopher Court, to Kyle W. Seward and Miranda L. Seward.

Allison L. Ohnemus and Martin J. Ohnemus, residence at 524 S. 18th, to Paige R. Houston.

April L. Caldwell, John W. Caldwell Jr. and Mary Ann Lambert, residence at 421 Kentucky, to April L. Caldwell and John W. Caldwell Jr.

Gary R. Attey and Lois A. Attey, residence at 1212 S. 14th, to Nicholas Taylor.

Kirk L. Vahle and Sharon Vahle, residence at 600 Valley Road, to Kathryn Karhliker.

Leonard R. Bart and Patricia E. Bart, residence at 1422 Maine, to Jeremy D. Farlow.

John H. Bordewick and Lucy S. Bordewick, residence at 1810 Grove Ave., to Elise M. Tyrpin.

John E. Neff and Peggy A. Neff, residence at 629 Oak, to Barney Thomas.

Leanne Sue Vansteel and Michael K. Vansteel, residence at 2838 Cabot Road, to Bradley D. Kendrick and Caitlin Kendrick.

Janet Hoffman, residence at 2425 State, to Paul J. Vance Jr.

Kody Wiewel, 2415 College Ave., to Keira Winters.

Michael Predmore, property in Quincy, to Jeffrey Willingham.

Adams County

Melvin L. Wittler Sr. Trust, Melvin L. Wittler Sr. and Terry P. Wittler successor trustee, to 516 E. Center, Loraine, to Brooke A. Valentine and Daniel L. Valentine.

Laurie Dietrich, residence at 502 N. Fulton, Payson, to Ryan P. Bauer.

Andrew Liesen, Jessi Lyn Liesen and Jessi Lyn Waterkotte, residence at 335 N. Vermont, Camp Point, to Brandon J. Llewellyn and Jessica R. Llewellyn.

Theresa A. Martin, residence at 3504 N. Fifth, Riverside Township, to Jeffrey Eugene Martin.

John W. Phillips and Tina R. Phillips, residence at 1870 N. 400th Ave., Plainville, to Laura E. Harpole.

Nadia P. Kambarian and Patricia M. Orban, residence at 1133 Estate Drive, Melrose Township, to Nadia P. Kambarian.

Mary V.S. Hagen and Victoria S. Hagen, property in Riverside Township, to Brandy A. Ridder and Michael J. Ridder.

Helen M. Wood, property in Lima, to H Wood Family Farms LLC.

Dorothy Wood, property in Lima, to H Wood Family Farms LLC.

Jerry L. Moss and Mary S. Moss, property in Beverly Township, to Prairie Power Inc.

Jonathon Jay Nutt and Lori A. Nutt, property in Ellington Township, to Jonathon Jay Nutt and Lori A. Nutt.

Brock Frericks and Kristan C. Frericks, residence at 5127 Hanley Road, Ellington Township, to Clinton Zoller.

Lisa Likes, residence at 2139 N. 2250th Ave., Camp Point, to Jeffrey Likes.

Penelope R. Musolino and Robert A. Musolino, residence at 303 Smith, Ursa, to L. Wayne Whipps.

Jackie K. Bennett, property in Melrose Township, to Larry L. Bennett.

Audine Jung Trust and Tyrella G. Sherrick successor trustee, property in Lima, to Tyrella G. Sherrick and Travis D. Wollbring.

Kenneth P. Allensworth and Mary J. Allensworth, residence at 300 S. Main, Liberty, to Ben R. Lefringhouse and Deborah A. Lefringhouse.

Gary L. Shaffer and Janet B. Shaffer, residence at 103 W. Maple Ave., Ursa, to Saint J. LLC.

Saint J. LLC, to residence at 608 S. Main, Loraine, to Janet B. Shaffer Trust and Janet B. Shaffer trustee.

Randall E. Epley, residence at 127 S. Ganoe, Payson, to Anthony W. Link and Jamie Sue Link.

Luanne M. Shover and Randall T. Shover, property in Ursa, to Luanne M. Shover and Randall T. Shover.

Betty J. Utterback and Harold E. Utterback, residence at 976 E. 2500th, Clayton, to Terry K. Vollbracht and Toni L. Vollbracht.

Terry K. Vollbracht, residence 976 E. 2500th, Clayton, to Toni L. Vollbracht.

Joseph D. Bartlow, residence at 6514 Columbus Road, to Margaret Mitchell and Roger Mitchell.

Cynthia S. Schmidt and Frank H. Schmidt, property in Camp Point, to Alicia M. Schmidt and Jacob P. Schmidt.

Joyce Lo Kuhlman and Karla D. Martin, residence in Fall Creek Township, to Kenneth M. Crim and Sandra I. Crim.