Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers: Reported March 4, 2018

Posted: Mar. 4, 2018 12:01 am

Real estate transfers recorded in the office of Adams County clerk and recorder

Quincy area

Edward H. Obrock attorney-in-fact and Leola G. Obrock, residence at 2038 W. Wilmar Drive, to Abby P. Hoebing and Nicholas A. Hoebing.

Kari M. Flesner, Joseph A. Gibson and Kari M. Gibson, residence at 1834 Washington, to Glenn E. Chipman.

Dorothy A. Spratt, residence at 525 S. 28th, to Martha A. Holden.

Brenda S. Wilson and Terry L. Wilson, residence at 2501 Drake Drive, to Joseph A. Gibson and Kari M. Gibson.

David M. Roll and Lynette L. Roll, residence at 2300 York, to John H. Bordewick and Lucy S. Bordewick.

Elizabeth L. Katenin and Jason M. Katenin, residence at 2931 Genevieve Drive, to Jason and Elizabeth Katenin Family Living Trust.

Kevin W. Allen and Shawn Allen, residence at 706 N. 24th, to Marold Properties LLC.

Christine C. Sullivant and Douglas N. Sullivant, residence at 1636 Maine, to Joanna P. Vernetti and Stephen P. Vernetti.

Jami L. Stupavsky, property in Quincy, to Cheryl L. Stupavsky.

Branden S. Pirotte and Michelle M. Pirotte, residence at 1824 Spruce, to Brenda L. Altmix.

Ella M. Reiter and John H. Reiter, residence at 2317 Ohio, to Lisa J. Crocker.

Lewis A. Payne and Margaret A. Payne Trust and Lewis A. Payne trustee, residence at 1425 College Ave., to Ronald K. Frese.

Brian M. Moore and Chasity L. Moore, residence at 412 N. 28th, to Janet Ann Moore and Michael A. Moore.

Danita J. Edwards and Danita J. Turnbaugh, residence at 725 N. Fifth, to Danita J. Turnbaugh and Randall Turnbaugh.

Anna Mae Parson Estate and William S. Parson executor, property in Quincy, to Stephen C. Schutte.

Kathy A. Cadieu, residence at 1505 S. Eighth, to Gary C. Cadieu.

George Neil Davis and Patricia A. Davis, residence at 818 Spring, to Ben Kjar.

Jesse C. Kennedy, residence at 1825 Maple, to Adam J. Hollensteiner and Jessica Hollensteiner.

Jerald L. Holzgraff, residence at 1635 S. 24th, to Matthew M. Gumm and Theresa A. Gumm.

Madonna House Foundation Inc., residence at 405 S. 12th, to William J. Utterback.

Adams County

Jacob D. Allen, residence at 3423 Lewis Drive in Melrose Township, to Barrett W. Wadsworth.

Sandra Abele and Sandra Hutton Thomas, residence at 1094 E. 1455th Place in Burton Township, to Allison L. Ohnemus and Martin J. Ohnemus.

James L. Koetters Estate and Theodore W. Koetters executor, property in Burton Township, to Theodore W. Koetters.

Robin J. Koetters and Theodore W. Koetters, property in Payson, to Robin J. Koetters and Theodore W. Koetters.

Elizabeth L. Katenin and Jason M. Katenin, residence at 807 Spring Lake Drive in Riverside Township, to Jason and Elizabeth Katenin Family Living Trust.

Donald L. Benjamin and Janet A. Benjamin, property at 316-318 Larkspur St., Payson, to Daniel Grossman and Tatjana Grossman.

Danita R. Grossman and Dennis L. Grossman, residence at 336 Columbine St., Payson, to Daniel Grossman and Tatjana Grossman.

Federal National Mortgage Association, residence at 119 Church, Loraine, to Carol J. Shaffer.

Mackenzie L. Dannehold and Alexander J. White, residence at 512 Magnolia, Payson, to Alexander J. White.

Earl T. Hughes Jr., property in Payson, to Jennifer L. Coonrod and William E. Coonrod.

Jacob A. Williams, residence at 1627 N. 703rd Lane, Liberty, to Brody Davis and Cobi Davis.

Richard L. Kestner, residence at 107 E. Wood, Camp Point, to Austin R. Kestner.

Deborah L. Ruths, property in Payson, to Arcelia Lopez and Jesus Lopez Morales.

Anecia B. Schulze and Jack Lloyd Schulze, residence at 205 E. Perkins, Payson, to Brittney Dever.

Gerry Lea Anderson and Richard O. Anderson, residence at 6620 Columbus Road in Ellington Township, to Richard O. Anderson and Gerry Lea Anderson Trust.

Lisa D. Fundel and Richard C. Fundel, residence at 2528 E. 2903rd Lane, Golden, to LGF Inc.

Toni Dejaynes and Carren Summy, property in Clayton, to Joyce D. Gore.