THE REV. SAYS: We have a signal

Posted: Jan. 6, 2018 12:01 am Updated: Jan. 9, 2018 2:45 pm

The snow crystals and fog in the cold morning air, sometime give us miracles in an otherwise drab day.

One morning recently, I left early and going toward the east saw a great light in the sky, before the sun had risen. There to the east was a vertical shaft of light reaching up and pointing down. It was not the sun, but it was an early morning sign saying to all who behold it, "It is still night, but here is where the sun will soon arise."

That shaft of light, shimmering through the icy crystals in the early morning pre-dawn moments, reminded me that when the world around us is still in darkness, we have a sign, and that sign is the cross reminding us that the "light of the world" has come, is always coming, and lo, is with us even now.

Sure enough, by the time I had driven a few miles more, the sun was peeking out at exactly that spot. The sign was true ... the light had come, and will always come, for those who are willing to believe.

No matter how dark our night of sorrow, or grief, or problem ... we who name the name of the heavenly Father have a beautiful promise.

There is light ahead. God has not forsaken us. Let us not give up hope.


Francis Guither, a pastor for 46 years, is the author of seven books. Guither is retired and lives in Quincy at Good Samaritan Home with his wife Katharine. His most recent church was Carthage United Methodist.

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