Infrastructure program needed more than tax cuts

Posted: Dec. 28, 2017 9:15 am

To The Herald-Whig:

This past summer the majority of the Republicans in the House and a near majority in the Senate tried to eliminate the Affordable Care Act, which helps to provide health insurance coverage to 20 million Americans. They, and all of us as well, are better off if people have access to medical care and preventive services.

Now, those same legislators are pushing through a so-called tax reform bill, with no public committee hearings, that will add to the deficit, give huge tax cuts to the wealthiest and then lead to drastic future cuts in spending that directly benefit the middle class and the poorest among us. You will see proposals to cut Medicare and Medicaid, as well as changes to the Social Security system.

Why instead did not those Republican leaders, with support from Democrats, instead focus on an infrastructure spending bill that could have put thousands to work at decent wages while improving the bridges, tunnels, roads, public transportation, rail networks and waterways that are now deteriorating and in some cases are actually dangerous? Our country is near the bottom of developed nations in what we spend for infrastructure repair and replacement. We cannot put off such investments much longer.


Larry Ruemmler


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