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Doctor of Love pays a holiday house call

Posted: Dec. 20, 2017 8:40 am

It was way back in 2008 when my alter ego, Stevie Love, began offering advice for the lovelorn.

I'm not sure how many relationships the potentate of passion has helped, but his advice always solidifies his standing as the baron of carin'.

Dr. Love tends to make a regular appearance around Valentine's Day, and many years shows up near Christmas, too. This is one of those years.

Let's see what kind of advice the good doctor has for the holiday season:

Dear Stevie Love,

It's the time of year when most homeowners are getting ready for the winter months -- get the grill put away, yard picked up, the gutters cleaned out, etc. Well, while my husband, Darrell, watches reruns of some show on Netflix, I have been busy trying to get the house ready for Christmas company, except I'm not tall enough to reach the gutters with the little stepladder that we have. Darrell says he hasn't got time because he has one more season of "Blue Bloods" to watch. What's a girl to do, Dr. Love?


Kelly in Kinderhook

Dear Kelly: I think I have a solution for you. Just ask Darrell to get you one of those long extension ladders from one of the do-it-yourself stores. You can reach the gutters, and he can watch "Blue Bloods." Hope you and your family have a happy holiday!

Dear Doctor Love,

I've been working night and day for weeks now, preparing food for our family's annual holiday gathering, and all my husband, Moe, can do is occasionally wander into the kitchen and ask if I have a spare drumstick or piece of key lime pie for him to snack on. A little help would be greatly appreciated.

Down in the dumps,

Donna in Durham, Mo.

Dear Donna: There's a lot of give-and-take in a successful marriage. The most fruitful relationships are built on a 50-50 blueprint, and I think you and Moe have it figured out and may not realize it. You fix the food, and he eats it. Merry Christmas!

Dear Stevie,

My wife has given me an ultimatum. She says there will not be any sort of merry Christmas in our house until I fix the stove and oven, unplug the kitchen drain, repair our roof that has resulted in several minor flooding incidents and put something over the hole in the back door that allows a sizable critter to gain access to our house every so often.

By the time I get home from work, take a nap, check Facebook and watch a little TV, most days and evenings are all but gone. I'm but one man, Stevie. What's a guy to do?

Confused in Camp Point,


Dear Carl: Maybe when you get home from work and before you take your nap, check Facebook and watch a little TV, you could make a list for your wife to go to a local hardware store and get the supplies needed for all of those repairs. Also give her the name of a local handyman she can call. That way, you're both involved. Have a great holiday season!

(Steve Love will return around Valentine's Day. Start sending your cards and letters now.)

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