What's with the letter 'Q' painted on Maine east of 36th?

The Q painted on Maine Street by Boots Bush Park is used to promote Quincy High School athletics. The cost for the paint and stencil was covered by a booster club, and the work was completed by volunteers. | H-W Photo/Matt Hopf
By Herald-Whig
Posted: Dec. 11, 2017 9:50 am

What's with the letter "Q" painted on Maine Street east of 36th Street? It seems odd. Does it serve a purpose?

Their purpose is to promote Quincy High School athletics.

An Aug. 12, 2013, vote by the Quincy City Council gave a booster club permission to paint multiple Qs in the south lanes of Maine Street from 36th Street to the entrance of Flinn Stadium and in the north lanes from 48th Street to the stadium entrance.

The cost was covered completely by the boosters and was not completed on city employee time.

The same action was approved for the "ND" logo that is painted on Jackson Street near Quincy Notre Dame High School. A similar resolution approved by the City Council allows the Quincy University logo to be painted on streets near the QU campus.

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