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Beyond the Boxscore: Mater Dei coach says officiating 'didn't give team chance'

Quincy Notre Dame's Reed Hyer keeps the ball away from Breese Mater Dei's Drew Tonnies during Friday night's game in the Pit. In the background, from left, are QND's Jase Wallingford, Blake Gebke and Jason Koerkermeier. | H-W Photo/Michael Kipley
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By Herald-Whig
Posted: Dec. 8, 2017 12:01 am Updated: Dec. 9, 2017 3:34 am

QUINCY -- Breese Mater Dei coach Ron Schadegg was asked after his boys basketball team's 66-50 loss to Quincy Notre Dame on Friday night what the Raiders did in the second half that worked well against his team's zone.

"When a team shoots more free throws than we shoot jump shots, there's an issue," he said.

The Raiders shot just eight free throws (making six) in the first three quarters, while Mater Dei shot 11 free throws in the first three quarters (making eight).

However, the Raiders made 14 of 19 free throws in the fourth quarter, including 10 in a row. The Knights shot just two free throws in the fourth quarter, making both.

The reference to "shooting more free throws than we shoot jump shots" actually was untrue. The Raiders shot 27 free throws in the game, while the Knights took 19 3-pointers and several other jump shots, ending the game with 52 field goal attempts.

That didn't stop Schadegg from voicing his displeasure with the officiating crew of John Dearing, Billy Hickox and Brian Daniel.

"You can't guard fouling," he said. "I'm not going to be shameful of it. It is what it is. You drive three hours to get in a position where you really don't have a chance, and it's kind of difficult. Our kids played hard, their kids played hard. It's an aggravation. The coach has to get over it, but when you don't have a chance, it's hard."

The Raiders were called for 15 fouls, but only four were in the second half. The Knights were called for 19, and they had two players foul out.

The game was ragged in the first quarter as the teams combined for 17 turnovers. QND finished with 22, and Mater Dei had 20.

"(QND is) a good team, and a team that plays that hard and that physical, to foul only four times in the second half, it's tough to overcome," Schadegg said. "With their physicality, obviously, we have to do a better job of making shots. At least that's what the official told me.

"To maintain and keep things moving in a good positive flow, it's tough to do when there's a stoppage every time down the floor. I haven't said anything about officials in four years, but I heard coming in here, the way (the Raiders) were shooting free throws, it would be difficult. They scored 20 of their points at the free-throw line, and if we were fouling that much, we're a pretty damn bad team."

Schadegg noted that the Raiders have shot considerably more free throws than their opponents at home so far this season.

In three home games, the Raiders made 10 of 19 against St. Francis de Sales, 25 of 44 against Soldan and 20 of 27 against Mater Dei. St. Francis de Sales made 2 of 2, Soldan made 6 of 17 and Mater Dei made 10 of 13. The totals: QND has made 55 out of 90, while its opponents have made 18 out of 32.

The numbers are the road are much closer. QND made 4 out of 9 against Macomb, which made 6 out of 8. QND made 23 out of 34 against Duchesne, which made 26 out of 36.

The Raiders have been called for 25 fouls in road games, while their opponents have been called for 31. At home, the Raiders have been called for 39 fouls, while their opponents have been called for 50.

With Meyer on the bench, QND has been a team that typically aggressively drives to the basket. Last year's team shot 745 free throws, averaging 24 per game.

Meyer didn't see anything out of kilter in Friday's game.

"It was physical both ways. That's the difference between winning and losing. If we're on the other end, we might be saying some things," he said. "I have nothing but respect for Ron. It was a good crew. Our guys handled our composure."

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