Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transactions recorded in the office of Adams County Clerk-Recorder, according to Clerk-Recorder Georgia Volm.

Quincy area

Steven A. Koetters, vacant land at 5329 1/2 Apache Pass, to Christina M. Hugenberg.

Steven A. Koetters, vacant land at 5329 1/2 Apache Pass, to Claudia R. and Joshua N. Huber.

Kevin E. Hamann, a residence at 6504 Stone Ridge Drive, to Candi Morgan Erwin and Leonard Charles Erwin.

Shaffer Enterprises LLC, vacant land in Quincy Township, to George and Margie Elliott Trust.

Emily S. Jones, a residence at 120 S. 20th, to Belinda H. and Stephen J. Cullo.

Danielle L. and Jason C. Miller, a residence at 2230 College, to Megan L. Walters.

Celeste and Martin K. LaFollette, a residence at 1252 Curtis Creek Road, to Courtney and Daniel Forrest Child.

Linda Sue Beers, a residence at 632 Ridgewood Drive, to Sarah A. Triplett.

Jessamin Journey Hemberger and Neal M. Hemberger, a residence at 2712 Curtis Creek Road, to Erin E. and James H. Wyatt.

Frederick J. and Linda A. Lee, a residence at 200 N. 24th, to Amanda B. and Michael B. Pearce.

B. Lance Meyer, executor, of the Scott S. Garner Estate, property in Quincy Township, to Garett S. Garner and Sherry L. Hills Garner.

Bradley G. Bergman, Keri G. Bergman and Keri M. Goldinger, a residence at 2130 N. Sheridan Drive, to Brandon R. Thomas and Elisa S. Bolterman.

Christine M. Altmix, attorney-in-fact, Gregory A. Patterson, Michael M. Patterson, Prudence Patterson, a residence at 1630 Monroe, to Allie A. Shackleton.

Third IV Properties LLC, a residence at 2701 Monroe, to Emily Lane.

Jason A. and Nicole L. Costigan, a residence at 614 Kimberly Drive, to Charlene M. and Randall E. Stocker.

Deitra K. and Vincent E. Moore, a residence at 5609 Skyline Drive, to Beth A. and Jerrod R. Evans.

Duane Buhr Construction Inc., a residence at 1221 Boulder Court, to Lindsey M. Ingle.

Belinda H. and Stephen J. Cullo, a residence at 2137 Jersey, to Jessica R. and Kevin S. Hutson.

Edna E. McGlauchlen Life Estate, property at 1220 S. 17th, to Brenda L. McGlauchlen, Linda B. Black, Mark A. McGlauchlen and Marty A. McGlauchlen.

Ann Lyn Kamphaus and Carolyn A. Witsken, a residence at 625 Pawn Ave., to Pamela M. Shupe.

Jason A. Watson, a residence at 740 S. 13th, to Bradley G. and Keri M. Bergman.

Cecilia A. Williamson, a residence at 623 S. Seventh, to Mark D. Delonjay.

Joseph M. and Patricia M. O'Brien, a residence at 522-524 S. Seventh, to Mark D. Delonjay.

Christine M. and Roman Jach, a residence at 4015 Abbey Ridge, to Austin Hake and Timothy Gearin Jr.

Charles E. Hull, a residence at 633 Harrison St., to Kyle Starman.

Shay N. Dieterle and Shay N. Jarrett, a residence at 2540 Prentiss Ave., to Michael Nolinwinkler and Sarah Garriga.

Bonnie J. Hibbard, property at 4128 Coachlight Court, to Bonnie J. and Eldon E. Hibbard.

Jeffrey L. and Teresa D. Carter, a residence at 2030 Hampshire, to TNC Construction Inc.

Neal E. Cornwell, Partnership Deed, Steven D. Trautvetter and Trautvetter & Cornwell Construction, property in Quincy Township to TNC Construction Inc.

Augustina P. and Ronald W. Siltman, a residence at 301 Lincoln Hill NW, to Virginia R. Hunter.

Clayton D. Caldwell, a residence at 1514 Granview Drive, to Mindy L. McCallister.

Adams County

Robert D. and Robin H. Saunders, farmland in Clayton Township, to Elaine F. Nadler.

Cynthia J. and George R. Johnson, property at 107 S. Chicago St., Liberty, to Justin E. and Nicole L Turner.

Delmar Financial Co. a residence at 500 S. Franklin St., Clayton, to Donald L. Alexander.

Patricia A. and Robert D. Albers, a residence at 304 Albers St., Golden, to Jennie L and Matthew W. Roberts.

Bernard F. Ormond III, an apartment at 500 S. Main St., Liberty, to Neisen Properties LLC.

Curtis and Lynn White, a residence at 200 Sycamore St., Ursa, to Beulah K. and Ray M. Muegge.

Jill A. and Mark S. Peter, farmland in Mendon Township, to Jeremy Nesselrodt.

Velma R. Woodward, a residence at 205 S. Fulton St., Payson, to Paul A and Susan K. Maple.

Kathleen M. Hillebrenner, a residence at 1274 W. Lakeshore Drive, Fowler, to Eugenie I. and Leonard D. Tournear.

Jennifer L. and Scott R. Gordley, a residence at 211 Sycamore St., Ursa, to Casey M. and James A. Mulkey.

Dawn R. Helton, Heather M. Helton and Robert L. Helton, a residence 460 W. 1300th St., Payson, to Karel K. Dingerson Trust.

Bart A. and Gloria J. Townsend, a commercial building at 712 Smith St., Golden, to Deanna J. Marshall.

Debbie Lantz, executor, of the Esther I. West Estate, property at 406 W. Morgan, Clayton, to Kendall M. Mayes and Zachary D. Owen.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs, property at 310 W. Prairie St., Camp Point, to Kathy Libmann and Kevin Cantrell.

Betty A. Miller, farmland in Fall Creek Township, to Bob Richter.

Denise M. and Douglas L. Williams, property at North 1550 Ave. East 2025 St., Camp Point, to Holly J. and Shannon L. Smith.

Ashley and Charles N. Goetze, property in Fall Creek Township, to Suzanne J. Wear.

Richard M. Cannell and Teresa J. Short, executors of the Verna M. Cannell Estate, property in Burton Township, to Joe J. and Penny L. Holtschlag.

Teresa P. Conover, a residence at 501 E. 2475th St., Liberty, Richfield Township, to Janna Shawhorn.

John I. Lefringhouse, Laurie Miller and Rita C. Speckhart, a farm in Columbus Township, to Melvin J. and Patricia C. Genenbacher.

Julia L. and Matthew R. Poulter, vacant land in Beverly Township, to Kevin K. and Sherry A. Barry.