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DAILY BLOTTER: Sept. 9, 2017

Posted: Sep. 9, 2017 12:01 am Updated: Sep. 11, 2017 10:31 am

Quincy Police

From logs emailed by the Quincy Police Department at 5:44 p.m. Sept. 8 and 5:21 a.m. Sept. 9.

17-25840 arrest Sally Stoermer 70, of Quincy for failure to reduce speed.

17-25838 arrest Tamara Hastings 40 of Quincy for improper lane usage and texting while driving.

17-25822 arrest Ashley Neisen 31, of Quincy for illegal use of cell phone.

17-25818 arrest John Carter 66, of MO for no seatbelt. 

17-24453 arrest John W Bates 27, of Quincy for fraudulent use of a debit card.

17-25802 Arrest Cory Drake, 26, for FTA Retail Theft out of Pike County at 18th/Broadway on 9-8-17. Lodged 

17-23516 Arrest / DUI Teah L. Rieck (25) of Ursa IL was arrested for DUI and Failure to Reduce Speed at 9th and Broadway on 8/17/17.

17-24481 Arrest / Traffic Ryan N. Mellor (22) of Springfield IL was cited for Pedestrian Use of the Roadway at 8th and Broadway on 8/25/17.

17-25828 Arrest / Warrant Travis R. Courtois (34) of 2510 Vermont was arrested for AC/FTA Violate Order of Protection at his residence on 9/8/17. Lodged. 

17-25162 Battery Jeremy Kossman of 1208 N. 7th reports that he was battered at 12th and Locust on 9/1/17.

17-25281 Criminal Damage Robert Mast of Vonderhaar Mini Storage reports that someone cut the locks off of multiple units at that location between 8/31 and 9/2.

17-25268 Fraud David George reports that he was scammed into sending money to someone claiming to be Microsoft on 8/31/17.

17-25573 Malicious Mischief Jessica Eddy of 909 No. 9th reports that someone threw an egg on her vehicle on 9/4/17.

17-23396 Theft Over Candice Courtney of 324 Lind reports the theft of jewelry from her residence on 7/28/17.

17-23951 Theft Over Joshua Farkas reports the theft of an ATV from his yard at 1018 Spruce on 8/21/17.

17-25651 Theft Under Patrick Tayler of 618 Maine reports the theft of a "Ring" doorbell security system from the hallway of 618 Maine on 8/25/17.

17-24930 Theft Under Chatton Holt of 642 Payson Ave. reports that her purse was lost or stolen on 8/29/17.

17-23047 Aggravated Battery Andrew J Maday, 29, 304 N 8th St, reports being battered by an unknown white male who was riding a motorcycle at N 8th St and Vermont St on 08/12/2017.

17-25921 Arrest Patrick L Taylor, 50, 430 Kentucky St, Interfering and Fleeing on Foot at S 5th St and York St. NTA.

17-25860 Arrest George N Davis (85) 3015 Lincoln Hill NE for Failure to Yield Left Turn at 8th & Oak PTC

17-23403 Arrest Michael N Randall (24) for Vandalism at 712 Cherry NTA

17-25911 Arrest Dakota C H Smith (20) 1208 1/2 N 7th for Fighting and Consumption of Alcohol by Minor

Tonymack Hall (18) 1619 W Granview and Jeremy M Kossman (21) 1208 N 7th for Fighting at 225 N 5th NTA

17-24975 Burglary to Motor Vehicle Cassandra Hamilton, 28, 208 N 8th St, reports her unlocked vehicle was entered on 08/30/17 and assorted items were taken from the vehicle, value $217.00.

17-23026 Theft Under Salvador Cabrera, 48, 1510 S 6th St, reports the theft of two temporary license plates one Illinois and one Missouri

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