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DAILY BLOTTER: July 17, 2017

Posted: Jul. 17, 2017 10:11 am Updated: Jul. 17, 2017 10:17 am

Quincy Police

From logs emailed by the Quincy Police Department at 4:36 p.m. July 16 and 5:19 a.m. July 17.

17-20026 arrest Gene David 53, of Edwardsville, IL for expired registration.

17-19928 arrest Desiree Hicks 20, of Quincy for uninsured vehicle and failure to yield.

17-20102 arrest/lodged Natasha Hawkins 35, of Hannibal for FTA possession of a controlled substance, forgery and uninsured vehicle.

17-20110 burglary Adams School 2007 Jefferson was entered on 7/15 to 7/16. A fire extinguisher was sprayed inside, cans of soda sprayed around a clock broken in the gym.

17-16724 burglary Jennifer Sparks of Payson reports a child support check stolen out of her vehicle somewhere in Quincy on 6/13.

17-17068 criminal damage Robert Gengenbacher 3224 Acadia Way reports a vehicle took out a row of shrubs on his property on 6/18. 

17-16316 criminal damage Alberta Johnson 930 N 4th reports her vehicle sustained scratches on 6/8 while parked at the residence.

17-19675 recovered bike A red and white Huffy was found in the 2000 Blk of Maine on 7/12. Placed in impound.

17-14828 Theft of services Shirley Miller of Kelley's reports a man left without paying his $40 food tab on 5/28.

17-16732 Theft under JoAnn Cannell 419 N 29th reports a purple and white Schwinn bike stolen from the residence on 6/8.

17-16642 theft under Dimpna Olivares of Quincy reports the theft of her Samsung phone on 5/31.

17-19124 Arrest Andrew Kossman, 21, Quincy, reports he was beaten by multiple subjects at N 7th St and Cedar St. Kossman sustained a broken rib and collapsed lung.

17-20146 Arrest/ Lodged Amy E. Bair, 41, 1422 S 27th St, Retail Theft at 5211 Broadway St. Lodged.

17-20134 Arrest/ Lodged Ella N. Spperson, 20, Quincy, FTA Disregard Traffic Control Device at 200 Maine St. Lodged 

17-20145 Arrest/ Lodged Devin R. Wright, 26, Quincy, FTA Operating Uninsured and FTA Fighting at N 9th St and Lind St. Lodged

17-20134 Arrest/ Lodged Curtis L. Thompson, 25, Quincy, FTA Obstructing Identification, FTA DWLS at 200 Maine St. Lodged

17-20153 Arrest/ Traffic Shih T Cooper, 20, Jacksonville, Suspended DL, Suspended Registration Due to Mandatory Insurance Violation, Operating Uninsured Vehicle at N 8th St and Elm St. Vehicle Towed. NTA

17-20158 Arrest/ Traffic Christian L. Witte, 22, Quincy, Seatbelt Required/ Driver at S 8th St and RJ Peters Dr. PTC

17-19085 Fraud Gloria M Perkins, 67, 922 N 10th St, reports receiving a check from a online site and cashed it. The check was returned at fraudulent.

17-19117 Theft Teleonte Smith-Tasco, 24, 2515 N 12th St reports someone entered his residence and took a television, shoes, and a jacket.

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