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'The Shack': A mom review

Posted: Mar. 14, 2017 1:51 pm Updated: Mar. 14, 2017 3:50 pm

Just like in a horror movie, there are points in "The Shack" in which the mom in you will want to look away.

I like to think of my grocery list as a distraction ... Milk. I know I need milk ... and maybe cereal.

Oh, God! Is that her body?! And he's going to carry her down the mountain?


Milk, cereal, cheese!

So, normally I don't subject myself to this sort of emotional torture, but my friend really wanted to see this movie. I believe this friend also tried to get me to read the book, but when I asked for the plot and she said it's about a dad who loses his little girl, I stopped her and was like, "Nope. I don't have time for that."

She tried to counter with the overall message being worth it, but I just explained it's not a good season for me to see children my children's age dying or being murdered. I'd hate to have another "Shutter Island" experience, where I completely lost my *&%$. A select few know what I'm talking about.

Somehow, I still got talked into seeing this movie!

Afterward, I considered giving my friend the silent treatment, but after a good hour of trying to stifle an ugly cry, I felt I should just be honest and tell her she was fired from picking the movie.

In the bathroom, I looked in the mirror at my bloodshot eyes. No wonder they call it ugly cry ... yikes.

I shared the meme of the lizard in the mirror:

... and we laughed.

Anyway, the movie was good and the message on point.  I mean, I'm not going to watch it again and anticipate haunting nightmares comparable to that of the "Dark Crystal," but I still give it a thumbs up.

I just found a dead lady bug. I wonder if it's a message for my life.

Jen Reekie was born and raised in Quincy and received a communications degree at the University of Kansas, which has come in quite handy as she communicates every day with four children who don't hear a word she says. This stay-at-home mom enjoys the challenge, though, and shares her experiences in this blog, "Mum's the Word." She welcomes your feedback, questions and stories about staying sane while raising kids.

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