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DIVORCES GRANTED: Reported April 6, 2017

Divorces granted Sarah Kelle from William J. Kelle Nicole L. Davis from Craig N. Davis Alicia L. Ehrhardt from Christopher A. Ehrhardt Jerel Bateman from Tamara Bateman Laron R. Hill from Melissa M. Hill Aimee M. Fitzgerald from Andrew S. Fitzgerald

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LICENSED TO WED: Reported April 6, 2017

Licensed to wed Elizabeth Ann Moutray and Amithia Nicole Mosley of Quincy Troy Lee Edward Hedges and Amyi Danielle Peikett of Quincy Joshua Michael McCaskey and Brittany Nicole Crenshaw of Quincy Mark David Stajduhar and Justin Alan Epley of Quincy. John

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ON THE RECORD: Divorces granted reported March 24, 2017

Shahna Magee from Mark Magee. David Davis from Kristin M. Davis. Douglas L. McQueen from Christine D. McQueen. Joyce Waterkotte from Todd Waterkotte. Patricia M. Fletcher from Michael S. Fletcher. Carol Kayser from Terry Kayser. Amber Jensen from Shawn Je