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Sibling rivalry leads both QND golfers to state tournament

Gavin and Grace Frese
By Herald-Whig
Posted: Oct. 12, 2017 9:25 am

QUINCY -- Grace Frese remembers a time when her brother Gavin lost his patience on the golf course.

They were playing at Westview Golf Course about a year ago when Gavin, a junior on the Quincy Notre Dame boys golf team, made a harsh critique of his sister's shots.

"We were playing and he was getting really mad at me," said Grace, a senior on the QND girls golf team. "I told him I wasn't playing with him anymore."

Grace jumped a few holes ahead of her brother, and she finished her round before him. Instead of waiting for Gavin, Grace got in her car and drove home.

"She left me at the golf course," Gavin said with a laugh. "It was fine. I'd just stay and keep practicing."

After about an hour and a half later, Grace returned to pick up her brother.

"He ended up calling me asking for a ride," Grace said.

That one instance of sibling unrest in rare. The rest, about four times per week, they've spent working with each other to improve their golf games.

They like to think that's what has each of them playing in their respective state tournaments this weekend. Gavin will be playing with the Raiders at the Class 2A state tournament at the Weibring Golf Club at Illinois State University in Normal. Grace will be playing as an individual in the Class 1A state meet at Red Tail Run Golf Course in Decatur.

Gavin and Grace are still relatively new to golf. Grace started playing the summer before her sophomore year at QND, while Gavin picked it up the previous summer. They decided golf after realizing the sports they originally played -- Gavin was a football player, and Grace was a volleyball player -- weren't leading them much success.

Both remember the first time they played a round of golf.

Gavin played with current QND teammates Alex McCulla, David Hutson and Jack Leffers at Westview. Gavin believes he shot around a 59 on nine holes.

"They made me better," he said. "I felt I was in over my head. Sometimes I still do with the way Alex plays, but it gives me something to shoot for."

Grace's first time golfing was with her brother.

"We were out on the third nine at Westview," she said. "It was awful. I couldn't keep up with Gavin."

That gap has closed, mostly because they've helped each other.

A popular game Grace and Gavin play is a competition on the putting green at Westview. They go around to all the holes on the green, and play a "round of 18." The one that completes all 18 holes in the fewer putts has to buy the other lunch or a soda.

"At first it was Gavin winning a lot," Grace said. "Then I started to come back. I'd say it's pretty even now."

That's the same way when they play an actual round of golf.

But as competitive as they are, they'll be rooting for each other this weekend despite playing about 50 miles apart.

"I'll be checking to see how she's doing," Gavin said. "She's playing at a course I've played at so that's good. We'll check in to see how each other is doing."

It makes for a special weekend that they'll both be on a golf course.

"It's really cool that we'll both be there," Gavin said. "She worked a lot for it. I worked a lot for it, too. It's nice to see that she did good, and I did good enough to get there and we can go share something together."

They haven't decided if they'll make a competition between each other for the lowest score.

"I'm sure there will be," Grace said with a smirk. "At least for bragging rights."

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