Why do we even have rules?

Posted: Oct. 10, 2017 9:50 am

To The Herald-Whig:

Isn't life simple? One should follow social laws and regulations, which means that you don't hurt people or create chaotic environments, and everyone gets along.

When did we lose this standard?

It baffles me. In today's world, why do we even have any rules?

For instance, the NFL has regulations concerning pregame hype. Most of this is actually financially based for the NFL, but it does send interesting, mixed signals. Outside of October, players cannot wear pink in support of breast cancer awareness. If a player before the game is wearing pink socks and shows them to a camera and says, "It's all about awareness," that player would be fined. One only needs to look at William Gay and DeAngelo Williams, who were both fined for being a "distraction" for their wardrobe choices concerning protecting women from domestic violence and from cancer.

One of the main reasons for this is that the NFL makes over 50 percent of the revenue from a pink T-shirt, while the American Cancer Society receives only about 8 percent. There's a money game to controlling freedom of speech. Pink socks should bankroll the NFL and a mere player should never pledge to give 100 percent of the revenue in his mother's name to a charity for his own version of socks.

However, this creates obvious hypocrisy. Voicing one's support for cancer awareness is bad, distractible and finable, but kneeling for the national anthem is tolerable.

Rapper Tef Poe led over 50 protesters into the Muny in August 2016. Only the four who touched officers were arrested. Yet, there were several laws broken by all of them -- most notably, they were trespassing on theater grounds.

Isn't life simple? You break the law and get caught, you get arrested and punished. Freedom of speech should be tolerated within the grounds of a correct social environment. Inside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s book, "Stride Toward Freedom," there are six principles to nonviolence that lead to positive social change. He also discussed basic mandates for a responsible protest.

Isn't life simple? If one follows Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., then protests would never occur at night. One should be with their family.

One should never raise a fist or throw a rock.

One should never be part of a mob that breaks the law.

To form a "beloved community," people must embrace "the weapon of love."

Isn't life simple?


Robin Anderson

Hannibal, Mo.

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