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October isn't just for Halloween

By Herald-Whig
Posted: Oct. 4, 2017 9:30 am

October is one of my favorite months.

College football is in full swing, at some point the leaves start to turn, the new television shows are upon us, and the weather is warm enough to avoid having to remember which closet I put my winter coat in at the end of last winter.

We should always enjoy October because coming next is November. You know November, the month that borders on useless. If you remove Thanksgiving and the annual Ohio State-Michigan football game, what does November offer us? If you can name anything besides cold weather, barren trees and 5 p.m. sunsets, you're a true optimist.

Which brings us back to October and why it is one of the year's feel-good months. Along with Halloween -- aka "Free Candy Day" -- look at what else is on tap this month:

National Sports Day, Oct. 9: This is a Japanese holiday I think we need to adopt in the United States. I hear that all Japanese men are permitted to skip work on this day and stay home to watch the ESPN family of networks.

National Dessert Day, Oct. 14: Seriously, why didn't I know about this before now? Are we supposed to celebrate desserts in general, or specific offerings such as pies or ice cream? Whatever the official decision, I'm all in.

National Clean Out Your Virtual Desktop Day, Oct. 16: Is this a testament to the time in which we live or what? My virtual desktops at home and work are usually icon-filled disasters.

Wear Something Gaudy Day, Oct. 17: This should be no problem.

National Pasta Day, Oct. 17: I have said many times that I could eat fish or pasta every day of the week. My favorite pasta dish is the "make your own" at Fazoli's, where I always order penne with meat sauce and meatballs.

Chocolate Cupcake Day, Oct. 18: It's hard to find a better chocolate cupcake these days than the ones Entenmann's makes. I prefer them chilled.

National Chocolate Day, Oct. 28: An official excuse to eat a Hershey's bar or a Milky Way? Yes!

Internet Day, Oct. 29: If ever there was an invention that earned its own day, this would be it. Where would we be without our laptops, keyboards and monitors?

In addition, October is National Pizza, Squirrel Awareness and Feral Hog month.

We also will be observing National Rodent Awareness (Oct. 22-28) and National Metric Awareness (Oct. 8-14) weeks. (By the way, National Metric Awareness Week always has a "tenth" in it.)

Try to beat any of that, November.

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