Steve Eighinger

A shaggy beard, the new Mickey Mantle and some great stories

By Herald-Whig
Posted: Aug. 28, 2017 9:55 am

My favorite part of the work day? Hmmm ...

While I enjoy the time I spend penning these columns, that's not it.

And the summer evenings at Quincy Raceways rank right up there, too. But those are not it either.

The best part of the work day -- or just about any day -- would be lunch. And my favorite lunches are the virtual kind we share in this space four times a year. Today is lunch No. 3 for 2017, and here would be my guests in a perfect world:

º The Rev. Mike Kuse: The monsignor is officially retired. Here's hoping he has many years of relaxation. Lunch at: The Hy-Vee on Harrison buffet, which is not too far from either of our homes. We'll make it on a day Chef John is serving some of his specialties.

º David Letterman: Dave has been my one of my favorite comedians since the 1980s, but the question I would most like to ask him is, "What's with the crazy-looking beard?" Lunch at: McDonald's at 48th and Broadway. Afterward, I'll escort him across the parking lot to Kustom Cuts, where Amy and the girls can at least trim that shaggy mess on his face.

º Barb Holthaus: The executive director of the John Wood Community College Foundation deserves much credit for spearheading the campaign that raised more than $200,000 toward the new Southeast Education Center in Pittsfield. For her efforts, I'll even let her buy my meal. Lunch at: The Blazer Bistro on the campus of JWCC. It's a great place to eat that not enough people know about.

º Mike Trout: The two-time American League Most Valuable Player plays most of his games on the west coast, late at night. Not enough people get to see his incredible talent on a regular basis. Lunch at: Thyme Square. I'm sure Mike would want one of the "healthy offerings" while I chow down on a mushroom burger. I think I also could talk him out of his chips with that Parmesan cheese sprinkled on them.

º Mike Marx: The Hannibal, Mo., resident is a former Hollywood talent agent and a great storyteller. Lunch at: The Brick Oven in Hannibal. Ahh ... pizza and Mike's stories, a combination that would be hard to beat.

º Ryan Seacrest: Reports indicate he'll be returning as host of the "American Idol" reboot in 2018. It wouldn't have been the same without him. Lunch at: El Rancherito. I'll order my familiar No. 7, Ryan can get something west coast-ish.

º Melissa Shriver-Hackamack: This young lady deserves a major high five for her efforts with the Adams County Fair in recent years. Many of her innovative ideas have made a great event even greater. Lunch at: The South Side in Mendon, which is about five minutes from the fairgrounds.

º Emma Stone: She's the highest-earning actress in the past year. I need to ask her what it's like to have $26 million to spend. Lunch at: The Quincy Country Club. And yes, Emma would be buying.

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