Real Estate Transfers

Real estate transfers recorded June 5-June 9

Posted: Aug. 13, 2017 12:15 am

Real estate transfers recorded in the office of Adams County clerk and recorder

Quincy area

Brooke M. Fisher, James E. Fisher and James E. Fisher Jr., residence at 2727 Southfield Drive, to Cymanthia L. Hunt and Matthew B. Hunt.

Casey M. Austin, Jason C. Austin and Casey M. Wade, residence at 1320 N. 14th St., to Calvin Hickman Jr.

Mark Parrick and Patty A. Parrick, residence at 2501 Cedar St., to Mark Anthony Wyatt II.

Lisa C. Riley and Lloyd E. Riley, residence at 2032 Lind St., to Scott M. Edlin.

Charles E. Hull Jr., residence at 1804 Adams St., to Elizabeth A. Hultz.

Michael A. Horton, residence at 1901 S. 24th St., to Joseph Thomas and Tisha Thomas.

Catherine M. Meckes and Stephen R. Meckes, residence at 1875 Grove Ave., to Allison W. Hall and Dustin D. Hall.

Gary B. Pyse and Marilyn L. Pyse, property in Quincy, to Marilyn J. Allen.

Barbara J. McClelland, residence in Quincy, to Mark O. McGinley and Patricia A. McGinley.

RJT Consulting & Investments LLC and Series 1820-1824 Jersey Quincy IL, residence at 1820-1824 Jersey St., to Jill T. Wollaston.

Amanda J. Degitz and Todd W. Degitz, residence in Quincy, to Catherine S. Meckes and Stephen R. Meckes.

Illinois Housing Development Authority, residence at 2533 Chestnut St., to Beverly A. Vaughn and Melvin L. Vaughn.

Fawn M. Makedonsky and Kyle J. Makedonsky, residence at 917 Washington St., to Paul M. Entrup.

Wells Fargo Bank, property at 1616 N. 16th St., to Secretary of Veterans Affairs and the United States of America.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, property at 2023 Spruce St., to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation.

Phyllis A. Schulte and Sharon K. Terwelp, residence at 1110 Gerard Ave., to Dylan L. Oberling and Jill E. Oberling.

Carrie A. Potter and Joshua R. Potter, residence at 1103 S. 22nd St., to Gregory L. Lewton.

William C. Martin, residence at 2900 Oak St., to John D. Phillips Jr. and Vivian Joy Phillips.

Fred Nothold, commercial building at 437 N. Third St., to Chad R. Routh and Kristina K. Routh.

V. Kyla N. Crosby and Teresa A. Martineau, residence at 1418 N. Sixth St., to Edward L. Mitchell.

Stephanie M. Deege, property at 1118 S. 16th St., to Marcus L. Deege.

John Groves, residence at 3624 Columbus Road, to Larry R. Heitholt and Marsha L. Heitholt.

Jeanette E. Dean and Stephen M. Dean, residence at 1030 N. 20th St., to Mason J. Adams and Mercedes L. Adams.

Ryan C. Smith, residence at 634 S. 19th St., to John G. Neumann and Maricar Neumann.

Laurence W. McNett, residence at 607 N. Sixth St., to FOM Ministries NFP.

Illinois Realty Group Holding LLC, residence at 1435 N. 10th St., to Robert Clark.

Flagstar Bank, property at 1036 N. 10th St., to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC.

Betty A. Points, residence at 3713 Meadow Drive, to Terry S. Kayser.

Kelly D. Lammers and Steven J. Lammers, residence at 2442 Bradmoor Drive, to Dana Teefey and Daniel Teefey.

Adams County

David Kleemeyer, tavern at 2647 E. 45th St., Warsaw, to Red Dog Saloon 2 LLC.

Ronald J. Nelson and Sandra J. Nelson, residence at 511 Magnolia St., Payson, to Brandon L. Farrell and Alysha N. Garrett.

Evelyn M. Aden Estate, Alicia R. Brown, executor, property at 403 Albers St., Golden, to Joshua M. Jennings.

David B. Buss, property in Northeast Township, to David B. Buss and Rebecca E. Buss.

Monty V. Logsdon, residence at 116 NE Front St., LaPrairie, to Christopher Bennett and Tanya S. Bennett.

Judy A. Adams and Mid Adams III, residence at 714 S. 57th St., Melrose Township, to Cathy Jo Hultz and Ronald E. Hultz.

Irenea S. Creech and Jesse D. Creech, residence at 121 Junction St., Ursa, to GKA Properties LLC.

Damion Epping, Tamara L. Epping and Tamara J. Willner, residence at 111 Hereford Drive, Payson, to Charles E. Hull Jr.

Barbara J. Griffin Estate, Rhonda Risley, executor, property at 322 N. Fair St., Mendon, to David J. Maas and Lisa L. Maas.

Robin Lee Sharpe, vacant land at 1889 E. 365th St., Ursa Township, to Ralph L. Wiegmann and Vickie L. Wiegmann.

Karen R. Epley and Randall E. Epley, property in Payson Township, to Ann L. Epley and Charles D. Epley.

Kathie S. Rigg, property at 1745 E. 2903rd Lane, Clayton, to Kathie S. Rigg and Kevin R. Rigg.

Kimberly S. Corrigan and Russell W. Corrigan, property in Lima Township, to Glenn H. Orr and Pauline M. Orr.

Benjamin A. Hamilton and Wendy J. Hamilton, residence at 100 W. Spring St., Camp Point, to Dustin E. Hoffman and Sara J. Hoffman.

Ashley D. Neisen and Brandon T. Neisen, residence at 1659 N. 800th Ave., Liberty, to Cory D. Huber and Gage D. Huber.

Penny A. Westerman, Penny A. Whittaker and Wayne D. Whittaker, property at 148 E. 1950th Place, Plainville, to Penny A. Whittaker and Wayne D. Whittaker.

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