AWARD: Perfect Attendance/Achievement Spells Success

Posted: Jul. 18, 2017 9:40 am


Perfect Attendance/ Achievement Spells Success

Colin Ash of Midwest Educators Insurance Agency recently announced the winners of the Perfect Attendance/Achievement Spells Success (P.A.S.S.) program. The program, in its seventh year, teaches kids that participation and good behavior can make a difference. Ash sponsors the program at elementary schools in Quincy and the surrounding area, giving away a bike to one boy and one girl based on perfect attendance and/or no referrals. Principals for each building set the guidelines for each winner. Winners were Nathanial Squire-Ayim and Anika Reddy, Ellington; William Hagenah and Danilee Breckenkamp, Monroe; Robbie Nytes and Addison Wombles, Dewey; Araya Bloodson and Sinai Felix-Quinones, Berrian; Andre Taylor, Xavier Clay, Kaleb Fischer and Iris Chen, Washington; Dylan Gallaher and Simora Jones, Adams; Emma Mohr and Landon Fish, Madison; and Alex Voss and Aiylah Cawthon, Western Elementary in Barry.

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