JWCC, QU announce new transfer agreements in three subjects

John Wood Community College president Mike Elbe, left, and Quincy University chief operating officer Phil Conover shake hands after signing transfer agreements to benefit students pursuing in-demand career fields. | H-W Photo/Phil Carlson
By Herald-Whig
Posted: Apr. 19, 2017 10:55 am Updated: Apr. 19, 2017 3:27 pm

QUINCY -- John Wood Community College and Quincy University have approved new transfer agreements that will make it easier for JWCC graduates to earn bachelor's degrees from QU in three high-demand subject areas.

The new "2+2" transfer agreements are in the areas of agribusiness, supply chain management and education.

In each case, students who take specified courses in their respective majors during their first two years at JWCC can then finish the final two years of their college education at QU after having virtually all of their credits transferred over.

Officials from both institutions say the agreements benefit students and also help address employment needs expressed by area businesses and K-12 schools.

"Expanding our partnership helps students, businesses and the community, all while making the best use of public and private resources," JWCC President Mike Elbe said. "It is a win for everyone."

QU's Chief Operating Officer Phil Conover also applauded the new transfer agreements.

"A key to the success of both institutions is to continue to find ways to work together, and these agreements are just one way QU is deepening partnerships within the Quincy area and beyond," Conover said. "We look forward to working with John Wood on other initiatives to continue to be one of the top transfer schools for JWCC students."

JWCC and QU already had a transfer agreement in place for students seeking education degrees. Those students would start out earning an associate degree at JWCC and then earn a bachelor of science in education from QU. Under the enhanced agreement, education majors will now have more education-specific courses accepted at QU -- in addition to all general education credits.

Meanwhile, new 2+2 transfer agreements have been created for students seeking degrees in agriculture and supply chain fields. In each case, JWCC students who earn associate degrees in those areas will have their general education courses and major-specific courses accepted at QU.

JWCC students earning a two-year associate degree in agribusiness will now be able to transfer all their completed courses toward a bachelor of arts degree in general studies from QU with a concentration in agribusiness.

Likewise, students earning a two-year associate degree in supply chain management at JWCC will be able to transfer all completed courses to QU toward a bachelor of science in business degree with a supply chain management concentration.

JWCC's Vice President for Instruction Laurel Klinkenberg said talking agreements between JWCC and QU schools "have been around for a long time" but this new effort is aimed at providing services that are more degree-specific.

"We worked very closely with QU to align our curriculum" in the three areas, she said. "QU has added a number of courses so they can take our two-year degree and make it a four-year degree.

"We are trying to offer more opportunities for our students than to just have the associate's degree. Now they can articulate straight across to QU and get a four-year degree, and all of our courses are going to transfer over. That's exciting for our students because they don't waste time, they don't waste money, and it's efficient."

QU Assistant Professor of Business Dana Walker was involved in setting up the supply chain management agreement, which was geared to meet the needs of students and local industries looking for graduates with supply chain skills in warehousing, distribution, transportation, manufacturing and construction.

"It was a response to the community," Walker said. "That was a big motivator."

Offering JWCC graduates a chance to earn a bachelor's degree in supply chain management from QU has multiple benefits, Walker said. For one thing, "the students are more likely to stay here to work when they get the four-year degree here," he said.

The new agreements go into effect immediately. JWCC graduates can transfer into the new agribusiness and supply chain management programs at QU this fall. Likewise, JWCC education majors also will be able to take advantage of the new agreement's benefits this fall at QU.

QU's Vice President for Academic Affairs Ann Behrens said the new 2+2 agreements are a continuation of a long history of collaboration between JWCC and QU.

"We look forward to developing additional initiatives to better serve the students of the region," she said.

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