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Your Turn/Carla Potts

Posted: Apr. 15, 2017 9:55 pm

When I was a kid, I wanted to be ... an FBI agent. I was always interested in some type of public service.

What would you rather be doing right now? Be on a beach somewhere.

Shhhhhh! Don't tell anyone that ... I pastor a small church.

Other than your wedding day and/or the birth of your children, what was your proudest moment? Being elected mayor of my town three times.

It really stinks when ... people are unkind and judgmental about other people.

What word in the dictionary would your face be next to? Compassionate.

I always laugh when ... my 6-year-old niece is around. She is so full of joy.

Invite any three people, living or dead, to dinner. Who are they? Eleanor Roosevelt, disciple Peter and Robert Kennedy.

At the end of a really long day at work, I like to ... read a book.

People who knew me in high school thought I was ... smart.

My most unforgettable brush with greatness was ... Bill Clinton. Actually I met him four times. One of the most memorable was in University City on his last stop on his last campaign. I was in the crowd, and he stepped down and came over and talked to me for a few minutes. It was very exciting.

I would drop all my plans tonight if I had the chance to ... go to a Cardinals baseball game.

If someone gave me a million dollars, there is STILL no way I would ... compromise my principles.

America should be more concerned about ... poverty and how it affects all ages. We are our brother's keeper.

I'm OK if there's ever a national shortage of ... Bracelets.

When I'm on the internet, I always go to ... YouTube.

What is the most useful piece of advice you have ever received? There is so much bad in the best of us and so much good in the worst of us it behooves all of us to look for the good in each other -- my grandmother.

When I'm cruising down the road, I'm likely listening to ... the Garth Brooks channel.

I always get sentimental when ... I look at pictures and see how my nieces and nephews are growing up.

The older I get, the more I realize ... life is a precious gift.

If I had one "do-over," I would ... slow down and enjoy each day, not rush through life.

My favorite item of clothing is ... a Cardinals World Series shirt. I bought it at the World Series game I attended.

If I've learned anything at all ... Life is a grand adventure. Enjoy every moment.

Carla Potts, 62, grew up in Elsberry. She is the deputy director for housing development at North East Community Action Corp.

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