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Multiplier affects private school teams in different ways

By Herald-Whig
Posted: Mar. 20, 2017 9:20 am

What class will the Quincy Notre Dame boys and girls basketball teams be playing in next year?

The boys will be in Class 2A. The girls will be in Class 3A.

Why would two teams in the same sport from the same school be in different classes? Welcome to the Illinois High School Association's use of the multiplier.

IHSA by-law 3.170 requires a 1.65 multiplier be applied to the enrollment of private schools and non-boundaried public schools. However, waivers of the 1.65 multiplier are granted to individual sport and activity programs on a yearly basis.

A sport or an activity at a particular school is not eligible for an automatic waiver for the current school term if, over the past four school years, it has:

º Qualified for the state final tournament (the final weekend of play).

º Accumulated four points based on the highest title attained each season. A sectional title is worth two points, and a regional title is worth one.

In the past four years, the boys basketball team at QND lost in the first round of the regional in 2014 and 2015, scoring zero points. Last year's team won a regional but lost to Pleasant Plains in the sectional final, scoring one point. This year's team won a sectional title, scoring two points.

Had QND defeated Monticello in the super-sectional at Springfield, the multiplier waiver would have been applied next year and for the following three years because it qualified for the state finals. Instead, the Raiders have only "scored" three points in the past four years, so no multiplier is applied.

QND's student enrollment for the 2016-17 season is 428. When the 1.65 multiplier is applied, that figure rises to 706. The cutoff for Class 2A teams this year was 557.

The QND girls have not advanced out of the regional for the past three years, but the multiplier will be applied for one more year because of the third-place trophy that was won in the Class 3A state tournament in 2014.

How does the multiplier affect QND in other sports?

It is applied to the boys and girls soccer programs and the boys and girls golf programs, and it is waived in all others. However, only boys soccer and boys golf must play up one class.

The girls soccer team will be in Class 1A, even though it won a Class 1A state title in 2014. Why? Because even with the 1.65 multiplier applied, QND's adjusted enrollment of 706 falls under the Class 2A enrollment cutoff of 734. If QND's student enrollment goes up by 17 students, then the adjusted enrollment (if the multiplier is not waived) would put the Lady Raiders in Class 2A.

The girls golf team always will be in Class 1A under the current rules because the Class 2A enrollment cutoff is 1,015.

The boys soccer team will be in Class 2A next fall. The Raiders were in Class 2A last fall after winning two regionals and a sectional in the past four years, and a sectional title in 2016 means they'll be in Class 2A again.

The boys golf team will be in Class 2A for the next two years. The Raiders finished second in Class 1A in 2016, which means the multiplier is applied in 2017, 2018 and 2019. The cutoff for Class 1A in boys golf was 518.

The volleyball team has scored three points in the last four years, winning a sectional in 2015 and a regional in 2016. The multiplier won't be applied for 2017, but a regional title next fall would mean that it will be applied in 2018.

The softball team won regional titles in 2015 and 2016 but none in the two years prior, so it also remains in Class 2A.

The IHSA has 121 private schools in its membership, and 78 of them had at least one sport that had the multiplier applied for the 2016-17 school year.

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