As mayor, VanCamp won't play politics

Posted: Mar. 20, 2017 2:05 pm

To The Herald-Whig:

I feel compelled to set the record straight as to why I ran for 6th Ward alderman in 2013.

I originally had no intention of running for alderman in 2013. Although I am a registered Democrat, I consider myself to be an independent because I believe in voting for the person and the issues, not the party.

After the filing date had passed, I was recruited to run as alderman of the 6th Ward against Republican Alderman Dan Brink. I was assured that I would have support of "major players" in the Republican Party. Since I have always been interested in city government, I decided to run.

After I was slated, I had a meeting with then-alderman and Republican mayoral candidate Kyle Moore. Everything we discussed was, of course, off the record, but I was congratulated and told I would get the help I needed when it was possible to do so, by him and others in the party.

I feel I am qualified to comment about the political games Moore is willing to play to get elected mayor. Now I watch him attack the character of his opponent and the reasons his opponent is running as an independent. If Moore was truly Republican, why would he have supported me in my bid as 6th Ward alderman as a Democrat, against an incumbent Republican alderman? I wonder how honest it is for Moore to question his opponent when he has undermined his own party and fellow Republicans in the past.

Additionally, as Brink is resigning his seat, I would like to congratulate him for serving the residents of the 6th Ward and the interests of the city in the past eight years. Although Dan and I didn't agree on every issue, it became apparent to me that he did his homework on the issues and was willing to voice his opinion.

We now have a choice to vote for a candidate for mayor. Jeff VanCamp is willing to be honest with the voters of Quincy and run as an independent. I would encourage you to vote for VanCamp, who is not interested in playing political games.


Jerry Q. Smith


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