Moore made hard choices that were necessary

Posted: Mar. 17, 2017 10:15 am

To The Herald-Whig:

I have repeatedly asked the VanCamp campaign to stop using my name in conjunction with his ads. Thus far, to no avail. I guess they think it helps them. Please know, they are using my name without authorization and I believe there are some getting the wrong impression. Make no mistake, I support the re-election of Mayor Kyle Moore on April 4.

Mayor Moore has been a good steward of the city's resources and assets. He has balanced the city budget matching existing revenues with expenses while building a "rainy-day fund" to meet unexpected emergencies such as the two devastating July storms of recent years. He has led the city to pay off the ill-conceived $5 million bond issue squandered on efforts to build a hydro plant.

In order to do that, hard choices had to be made and our mayor made them. To restore fiscal responsibility, there has been some pain and those that have had to shoulder it, have paid a price and may be upset, but it has been for the overall good.

There doesn't seem to be much glory when it comes to being fiscally responsible. Indeed, it is those that are "sore" about no longer being fed by city money that seem to be leading the charge for his opponent. Some are sore that they were unable to complete their full pension requirement for maximum benefit for themselves. Some are sore that having been employed by the city for 30 years, they were reassigned to a more useful duty station. Some are sore that they were not able to be employed or to employ family, friends and cronies into the city workforce. These are not reasons to turn out a successful mayor.

Our mayor has worked with employers to facilitate their expansion in our community, and the job base in the area is expanding -- just ask the Knapheide Company.

Mayor Moore established "the Quincy Promise" program providing 27 local residents with scholarships to attend John Wood Community College, all with private funding.

As mayor, Kyle Moore has been able to assemble a bipartisan group of supporters, and I am happy to be among them. Please join me and consider the re-election of our mayor on April 4. And don't forget, you can vote early from now until the day before Election Day.

C. David Nuessen

Mayor of Quincy, 1977-1985

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