Ipson has right skill set, attitude for Hannibal council position

Posted: Mar. 15, 2017 11:55 am

To The Herald-Whig:

Gordon Ipson is running for councilman in the Hannibal 5th Ward. I have known Gordon for over 11 years. Gordon has lived in Hannibal for approximately nine years.

Gordon is extremely knowledgeable in community and economic development. Prior to his retirement in early 2016, Gordon was Northeast Power's manager of economic development. He has worked in economic development in various positions most of his working career.

Gordon is passionate about improving the community where he resides. He has volunteered for many nonprofit community organizations. I believe Gordon can provide a fresh outside perspective to the Hannibal City Council. During his short tenure of fulfilling a vacant time on the council, Gordon has encouraged his constituents to contact him with suggestions and concerns. Gordon would consider it an honor to represent the 5th Ward for another three years.

I endorse Gordon Ipson as a candidate for 5th Ward councilman because he is knowledgeable, committed, experienced, compassionate, a good listener and he will follow through on his commitments and promises. You can count on Gordon to make the right decisions after careful evaluation of all the information and citizen feedback.

I encourage you to vote for Gordon Ipson for 5th Ward councilman.

Douglas H. Aeilts

Hannibal, Mo.

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