ACTIVITY: Culver-Stockton College

Posted: Mar. 1, 2017 1:45 pm

CANTON, Mo. Culver-Stockton College hosted its 59th annual science fair Feb. 18. Local students placing in the high school division include:

Behavioral science: Addelynn Brewer, Keokuk, first place; Alli Hill, Keokuk, second place; Kendryk Besser and Rebecca Goldizen, Southeastern, third place

Botany: Lillian Oliver, Southeastern, first place; Emily Oliver, Southeastern, second place; Riley Whitaker, Southeastern, third place

Zoology: Faith Miller, Southeastern, first place

Environmental science: Jayleigh Peuster, Southeastern, second place; Evylin Merydith, Keokuk, third place

Medicine and health: Brooke Tindall and Chase Twidwell, Southeastern, first place; Nicole Thomas and Shawn Punam, Southeastern, second place

Physical science: John Cramsey, Southeastern, physical science, first place

Math and engineering: Spencer Lee and Abbie Thompson, Southeastern, first place

Chemistry: Natalie Nanninga, Southeastern, first place

Local students placing in the junior high division include:

Medicine and health: Taylor Wagner and Ashley Jordan, Southeastern, third place

Math and engineering: Madison Baze and Riley Bozarth, Southeastern, first place; Joey Weese and Eli Leasman, Southeastern, second place

Consumer science: Ani Kerr and Emma Whitaker, Southeastern, second place

Chemistry:Jadyn Henry, Southeastern, first place

Behavioral science: Kortney Morill, Southeastern, first place; Amber Davidson, Southeastern, third place

Zoology: Dana Casteburg and Hayleigh Marlow, Southeastern, second place

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