Does the Quincy Park District have any rules regarding the operation of drones in parks?

In general, drones are not permitted to be flown in Quincy parks. The Quincy Park District has an ordinance that prohibits their operation without consent from the executive director.
By Herald-Whig
Posted: Feb. 13, 2017 12:01 am

Does the Quincy Park District have any rules regarding the operation of drones in parks?

Rome Frericks, executive director of the Quincy Park District, said the district does have an ordinance that prohibits the use of drones in parks.

Specifically: "No person shall make any ascent or descent from a balloon, parachute or aircraft in the park system or operate any powered model aircraft of any type, or have any exhibition for commercial purposes without obtaining a permit to do so from the executive director."

In a February 2016 article in The Herald-Whig, Brent Clair, a local expert on drones, suggested that operators remember the basic rules.

Don't fly drones over populated areas. Don't fly them within five miles of airports and three miles of heliports. Line of sight should always be maintained.

If the drone is larger than two sticks of butter -- about 9 ounces -- it needs to be registered with the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA requires registration of unmanned aircraft up to 55 pounds. (A different registration is required for larger unmanned aircraft.)

It costs $5 to register a drone, and it lasts for three years. Those who don't register face civil and criminal penalties.

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