Law enforcement trying multiple methods to curb opioid overdoses

Three opioid overdose deaths in rapid succession in 2015 showed a gap in tracking in the city of Quincy. Until part way through 2015, the Quincy Police Department didn't track the number of opioid overdose calls it responded to. It does now.

QUINCY -- It took Pixy and John Jones five years to find a landscaping company that could design a corner of their home under their deck as they wanted it, but Pixy says they're happy with who they found and what the company did. "We didn't know what to d

It would be too simple to say that Adam Hightower was the easy choice to replace Greg Wathen as the baseball coach at John Wood Community College. Hightower had been Wathen's assistant for the past three years, but JWCC athletic director Brad Hoyt said he didn't want to make an "easy" choice. "We want to make sure we're taking care of our guys, and I don't like to look at things like they're just easy," Hoyt said. "Adam is well prepared, and we have a lot of confidence in him. Did he make the process easier? Absolutely."

This editorial appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer. WHEN we're old and sick and poor, we might be forced to keep warm by burning all the government reports that we ignored, warning us that Social Security and Medicare are running out of money; the late

Giorgio Armani sticks to masculine elegance in looks anchored by the double-breasted jacket. Fendi takes an elegant deep-dive into wardrobe staples this season, with a playful twist on anagrams. Stella McCartney shows off sustainable tailoring.

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